Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I have been a bit frivolous the last few days, spending my spare time making yo-yos. I saw a jar of yo-yos on a blog and thought that I'd like my own jar full. It's a valid Stashbusting exercise; I went through some of the stash drawers and weeded out the fabric that is too thin for regular patchwork, and I've cleared out several FQs and scraps already. I'm using the small Clover yo-yo maker, and it's very simple to do. I have a few more hours of work ahead of me before that jar is full, but that's OK. I plan to work on them when our night applique group meets, and I can sew and chat without paying too much attention to what I'm doing. I have a vague notion of making red and white garlands for Christmas decorating, and these little beauties would look great strung together, with maybe a button or two for embellishment.

I spent the weekend sewing more tiny pinwheels, enough for another 14 blocks. Incidentally, I'm rather impressed with the Omnigrip ruler I recently bought; the markings show up really well and it seems very stable when cutting. I might invest in a few of their other rulers, there's a 4" x 14" one that looks useful. I just love rulers and gadgets, obviously. I still adore this pattern, which is good, because I need a lot more blocks. I have 12 done, and I'm loving every bit of it. It's going to be Pretty, with a capitol P.Recently I've been giving the crockpot a workout. In the morning I chop up enough veggies to fill it up, throw in some chicken stock powder and water, and by lunchtime we have soup ready. Today was celery soup, and tomorrow we're having pumpkin; it's wonderful to have our lunch ready after a morning hard at work, quilting.


Sew Create It - Jane 9:47 AM  

Beautiful Pinwheels with a capital P :o) It's going to be a stunning quilt!

The Calico Cat 9:47 AM  

Just verifying - your "recipe" is to fill the crock pot with veggies, add some soup base & water & just cook until done?

Marianne 12:22 PM  

I agree, that is a pretty quilt! What size are those pinwheels?
Love your yo-yos. Cute!

dot 2:35 PM  

What a lovely pinwheel quilt. I like the look of pinwheels but making them is another thing.

Deb Robertson Writes 6:17 PM  

Love love love the pinwheels! they look awesome


Unknown 7:18 PM  

Love your Blocks in the last pic they are Great...I couldn't live without my crock pot have had one for many years.

Tazzie 2:39 AM  

Wow Keryn, those pinwheel blocks are awfully cute, I really like them a lot. The designs you and Mereth come up with are always simply stunning, and always very vintage looking - my favourite!
Thank heavens for crock pots, they're entirely wonderful.
Enjoy the rest of your week.

tirane93 5:39 AM  

seeing all your tiny pinwheels stacked up by the cutting mat makes me positively itchy to make a big batch of them myself to see what i can come up with for them. thanks for the inspiration!

meggie 7:35 PM  

Your pinwheels are looking good in their settings. Love the Yoyos.
Mmmm vegie soup!

pdudgeon 6:03 AM  

echoing what meggie said above...
i've sewn yo-yo's into small wreaths for decorations before and it's loads of fun!

Anonymous,  11:32 PM  

Your pinwheels look so flat in the middle. Do you have any tips?


Shasta Matova 11:14 AM  

I've seen that jar of yo-yos, and have wanted one of my own as well. I've bought the yoyo maker and can easily empty out the glass jar - just need to start making some. I think I'll wait until I have some of my WIPS farther in progress.

Wendy 12:25 PM  

Those pinwheel blocks are fabulous - I always enjoy seeing what wonderful project you are working on - thanks for sharing!

Patty 4:17 PM  

Wow, you pinwheel quilt looks so nice. What size pinwheel block are you using?

Mary Johnson 4:00 PM  

I love the pinwheels, it is going to be a beautiful quilt. I love yo-yo's too but never make them because I don't have a project to use them on. I like the idea of putting them in a jar.

I also like your approach to soup. I'm such a recipe follower.

Helen in the UK 7:52 AM  

Love the pinwheel blocks. Great idea for the soup too - will have to try that. Thanks :)

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