Saturday, November 30, 2019

Keeping busy

I've been using my time wisely just lately, trying to get a few more things ticked off the list.

3 nights of sewing saw the second Disappearing 9 Patch top finished.  I think it's even prettier than the first one, much more pink.

I have one more quilt to complete and the Christmas gifts will be done, or ready for quilting I should say.

These fabrics came mostly from Facebook destashing groups, and there were lots of prints that I would never have bought.  But I had to use them because I don't have a pretty modern stash, and I think the odd fabrics really add to the overall effect.  I still wouldn't choose them at a quilt shop tho...

I relied heavily on this gorgeous floral print, luckily there were 3 FQs in the bundles,
and then I picked up 2 FQs of this lovely polka dot and floral on my last trip to Spotlight.
I cut all the FQs and scrap bundles into 6.5 and 4.5" strips, and I'll continue making quilts out of that pile until they're gone.  I have no idea if I'll replace them in future, but I've got enough for a few more quilts in those strips.
And then there are the scraps..... I'll hold off deciding what to do with these until I've finished the next quilt.  Maybe crumb quilting wouldn't be so irritating with such cheerful scraps.

I also spent some time renewing the upholstery on 6 dining room chairs. The original covers were put on by a maniac with an electric stapler.  It takes half an hour to dig out the staples and remove the old cover; 93 staples in one chair seat, and it wasn't the worst. It's just that I couldn't be bothered counting any more.  I wondered if I should save all that metal for the scrap metal guy.....
The finished chairs look so lovely and clean, ready for another 20 years.  But it won't be me doing the recovering next time.


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