Sunday, November 03, 2019

Isla and I had a lovely visit together, without a single disagreement.  She played in the garden, picked flowers, visited the workroom and saw the Statler, and also the quilt I'm going to give her for Christmas. (should have hidden that one...)  "I like THIS one" she declared, so she should be happy on Christmas morning when she unwraps it.

She coloured in pages of my printed patterns, something her Mum did 25 years ago.  I'm tempted to design some animal patterns, just so she can colour those in too.
She was allowed to have a tapestry needle, and threaded a container of antique glass beads onto a string, which was great fun.
She was allowed to play the piano that's in storage out the back, and carefully showed one of my dolls how to play too.

She was allowed to play with scissors, and textas, which is a no-no at home, after she cut up one of her dresses and drew all over herself.

We had so much fun together, and there are a million other things to do that we didn't have time for.  I hope we can make this a regular thing.


Sue SA 7:24 AM  

So glad your granddaughter had a lovely visit, sounds like lots of fun, especially beads and scissors! Hmmm I think she will remember her uncle with a green face for a long long time!

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