Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Tiny Album blocks

I started these tiny Album blocks in January 2017, and I've been working on them sporadically since then.  I like making them, and they're fun to plan, but I really don't know what I want to do with them.  I'm not comfortable making a huge pile of blocks and then deciding; I like to have some end project in mind as I sew.  I have a stack of them, and I've about come to the limit of how many I want to make without a firm plan in mind.

I'm rather drawn to using pink sashing to separate the blocks, with green or indigo corner posts.
Not that pink though, so I'll have to comb through the stash to find something that I like.  Then I'll have to decide how big this quilt should be.  Usually I go and map it out in EQ8, but I have no idea what size I want, or where I would want to use this quilt.  Once again, I'm trying to plan the whole thing in my head, and meanwhile progress is stalled.

They are little blocks, 5.75" finished, so I'll need a fair few before I have to make any final decisions.  There's already 27 blocks, plus a pile of partially assembled ones. 

When I'm not in the mood for triangles I just sew this Centre bit and set it aside. 

Then one night, when I'm feeling ready to concentrate on a bit of fiddly sewing, I add the triangles and finish the block. It stops me from getting bored, or feeling like it's 'duty' sewing. And I can choose the triangle colour after I build the block, instead of having to make the decision at the beginning.

I might even make a little quilt as a wall-hanging or lap quilt, which is something I rarely do. But for now I guess I'll just keep adding to the pile of blocks. 


Jeanne 1:13 PM  

I know just what you mean! It's very hard for me to undertake a project without at least some definition of color/size/purpose in mind. I read someplace that that's called being product-oriented (vs. process oriented). Good luck with your little blocks -- they are charming!

Sue SA 12:06 PM  

These blocks are adorable and been on my wish list for some time. However the triangle edges (or thought of bias edges if I cheated and used squares) has always put me off. I am tempted after seeing how you broke the construction steps down, I am now thinking they might make a good leaders and enders for me. But I am a mini fan, so I dont need to worry about the bigger picture...nine is enough for me! Good luck with the next planning phase.

Karen 7:06 PM  

My friend and I are working on 5" album blocks that look like yours. We are finding it slow going as it takes time to cut out all the pieces (we are doing it scrappy) and slow sewing trying to have accuracy. Yours look good!

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