Thursday, July 08, 2021


 Faced with two weeks at home in isolation I did the only sensible thing, and started reading all the Micheal Connelly books in order.  There are more than 25, so I knew it would keep me occupied for the duration.  It was a bit worrying to discover than I'd forgotten who the bad guy was in most of them, but then I could enjoy the suspense all over again, even if I was fretting about my short term memory.

I read for two days straight, then starting messing around in the sewing room. It was a shambles yet again, but rather than clean it up I pulled out an old UFO and started work on that. 

This set of madder Sawtooth Stars was started in 2005, and it was time to do something.  

I decided straight away that it needed to be a bit bigger, so I made new blocks, and cut new madder squares. That didn't take long, and then I spent three sessions getting it into one piece. It felt good to be moving along so rapidly.

Then came the borders. I'm stuck on which fabric to use; most of my madders are half yards or FQs, which would be fine in a pieced border but I don't want to go down that path,  Mereth is going to bring over a madder paisley and see if that works.  Other people in isolation get grocery deliveries, I get fabric.

I've also started reorganizing all the fabric in my wire drawers. These are scraps and bits too small to be folded up and put back in the stash drawers. I had 5 mixed drawers, and I'm trying to restore order by colour coding all the scraps. 

My longtime habit of cleaning up by opening the nearest drawer and shoving things in it has finally caught up with me. It's a big job, but oddly enough I'd rather deal with a big mess than a little one. Little messes are simply annoying, whereas dealing with a scrap storm like this is satisfying.  

That's what I'm telling myself anyway. And there's always another Bosch novel if it becomes too much.


Rose Marie 6:02 PM  

Good thing we have quilting and reading to fall back on when isolating. I wonder how many ufo's you will complete during this time?

Donna M 6:13 PM  

Hi, Keryn! I did some organizing of scraps myself this week. My favorite sewing machine was in the shop for servicing and I didn't know what to do with myself. In the States we are not familiar with the word "madder". What exactly does it mean? Curious.

QuiltGranma 9:28 AM  

Loving the quilt so far, may sue a similar idea for some star blocks that I have, Thanks.

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