Friday, July 16, 2021

Fox and Geese blocks

 I though this block was Crosses and Losses, but that's a different layout. 

Mereth informs me that this is Fox and Geese, so that's what I'm calling it.

I haven't made many more blocks, I'm up to 6 completed now, but I did so much cutting and sewing over several nights that I kitted 28 blocks, probably more than I actually need, but I do love to have a few extras when I lay out the blocks.

I made all the HSTs in a couple of marathon sewing sessions, and kitted the pieces for each block in a plastic bag.  

The framing strips are cut and waiting, but I will have to wait for the final layout before I decide on a sashing fabric.  The original is muslin, but I may see if I can find a very pale toile or something.  It will give me something to hunt for in the patchwork shops.

So that's another old, old project well on the way to a finish.  I think I've used my fortnight at home very well. 


QuiltGranma 10:14 PM  

I anticipate another beauty with this start! Grow, seeds of a quilt!

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