Monday, July 05, 2021

I jetted off to Queensland to visit family up there, but I managed to get borders on two quilts before I left.  Paint Box has it's piano key border in random colours.

And the Spinning Rectangles has it's border of random 6.5" rectangles.

I've finished 10 quilt tops this year, but only quilted one, mostly because I'm rarely home. Seonaid is still going to college, and I try to be there each week to help, so my time at home is limited.

I went to Queensland to meet this little chap, Theodore, my son Rhys's little boy.  He's 8 weeks old now, and a darling baby.

Here he is with mum Naomi; it was good to meet in person after only being able to talk through the phone and video chat.

Rhys had planned some entertainment for us; we finished two 1000 piece jigsaws

and we went to the Lifeline book fair.

It was held at the exhibition centre in the middle of the city, and it was so huge.  I only got through three or four rows, about 10% of what was available.We were going to go back, but there was a Covid outbreak, and the last days of my visit were spent in lockdown, unable to go anywhere. I cleaned and adjusted Naomi's sewing machine and made a pair of pants for Theo, hopefully she'll have time to do some sewing for him when he's a bit older. At the bookfair I found the Kwiksew pattern books that I used for my kids, so I bought them for her and explained how to use them. I might turn her into a fellow enthusiast yet.

I flew home, still in the middle of lockdown, and now I'm in quarantine at home for 14 days.  I don't mind, except for not being able to see the grandkids. I've had a couple days of reading and relaxing, and now I'm ready to tackle something in the sewing room.  Definitely something from the UFO list. And I really should clean up before I start pulling out fabric etc.  I've lost a BlockLoc ruler in the mess, and I need it for the UFO I want to work on.  Wish me luck....


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