Friday, July 20, 2007

Can't post.... reading!

DD Seonaid came into town to pick up her copy of the new Harry Potter, and we went a few doors down to the coffee shop and started in on Chapter 1. Good grief it's exciting.

A media blackout is now in place, in case we inadvertently see any mention of the plot, or worse still, the ending......


mereth 1:21 AM  

Can't comment.... reading!

Katjaquilt 4:36 AM  

I picked my copy up this morning at my favourite bookshop. I hope I find some reading time today.

Judy H. 4:42 PM  

I walked into my house, book in hand, and said to DH, "Can't talk ... reading!"

I did talk, though, just enough to be civil. :)

meggie 5:36 PM  

Hope you enjoyed!!

comicbooklady 2:20 PM  

Love the pic! It seems a lot of people are taking this particular reading break! Me, I'm taking it up to the cottage in a couple of weeks!

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