Monday, July 23, 2007

I was determined to finished this quilt before I left for Sydney 6 weeks ago, but it never happened. I finally cleared the sewing room up yesterday, put away my new fabric and sat down to do some sewing. I really want to work on a new project, so I made myself get this done first. The yellow and green setting fabrics help to tie all the scraps together. The colour in the third picture is the most accurate. Now I can clear away all the bits and pieces and leftovers that were ear-marked for this top. These are the last of my scraps that I cut into strips 3 years ago, so it's rather momentous. It used up three pieces of fabric entirely with the setting strips and borders, so it's been a good stashbuster project as well.There is a sense of achievement at having used up all this stuff, but I don't think I will ever do it again. Next time, if I ever accumulate fabric I don't love, I am going to give it all away rather than spend so much time using it up. I have wonderful material just begging to be used.
I am so ready to cut into my beautiful new fabric. I will work on more of the blocks I started in South Australia. I found a fabric I want to use as the border, so I will discard any blocks that don't work with it. I don't want to use a pillar print or a border stripe I decided, and I want to do something different from Kaye's quilt. It will evolve over time, and for now I'm just going to go on making blocks.

Mereth gave me a heap of strange reproduction fabrics, so I will cut some pieces to go in these blocks. I need to make an effort to work through these UFOs of mine. I am still down-sizing my possessions quite drastically, and I don't need to be adding baskets of lonely blocks and half-finished ideas to the workroom.

And you might like to see the flannel that came home with me from Bell; I intend to make a simple one-patch quilt, the pieces can be my leader-enders.What is the final picture?
It's my polar fleece covered design wall, waiting for the next lot of blocks.......


mereth 11:28 PM  

The flannel looks scrummy and I presume that border fabric is from the shop in Gawler. See, I knew it was worth stopping there!
I desperately need to set those blocks I bought fabric for in Sydney. It feels so good using up lengths of stuff and having a finished top.
Waiting for the design wall to fill......

Lynda (Granny K) 2:22 AM  

Love the flannels, they will make a really cosy quilt. I get a real buzz from finishing a quilt, i'm always thinking of the next one to start.

dot 6:51 AM  

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, that is all I can say. I just love all I see.

Sweet P 5:35 PM  

Your scrap quilt is gorgeous. Great job on it. I like your philosphy for using fabrics you love and give away those you don't love. I have some of those fabrics. Maybe I'll give them away some day.

meggie 3:28 PM  

I love that scrap quilt too! It is amazing how ugly fabrics can be turned into something really nice when they are all mixed up.
Love all your blocks.

molly 10:02 AM  

Your quilts are lovely and i was enthralled with your story of the missing brooch!

Beertje Zonn 1:57 PM  


Your quilt is beautiful. I like it!
Kind Regards,

Sonnja from the Netherlands

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