Friday, July 20, 2007

Some photos of my trip.....Sunrise from the cattle-yards

Sunset from the top of the hill behind the farmhouse

Sunrise in the pump shed

Frost on the ground by the cattle-yards. Every leaf was rimmed in silver-white frost

Catholic church in Bell, with amazing new murals

Water tank on it's final legs

Yesterday when I was at the supermarket I noticed a group of Japanese girls gathered around the Tea section. They were looking lost, and one of them approached me.

'Excuse me, but please to help us? We want traditional Australian tea. So many to choose from. We send as gift to parents at home. You choose most best.'

A lot of our tea is actually imported, so I read all the packets and found the ones grown in Australia, and then chose one from the Daintree Forest area in the north of Queensland. The girls were a lovely lot, and very relieved that they didn't have to decipher the packaging themselves. I hope I picked a good one.

I once had a woman approach me in the supermarket and ask me to help choose the knife to cut her wedding cake, and someone else wanted advice on whether they should split up with their boyfriend. 'Hey, you're a total stranger, what would you do in my situation...' I could cultivate the Sydney-sider approach, not make eye contact with anybody in public, but that's not the way we work out in the country. And I'm always generous with my advice, whether people want it or not....

I am trying really hard to get into my sewing room and actually take a few stitches in something, and at least unpack my new fabric. This afternoon, for sure!


Chookyblue...... 10:44 PM  

great pics and obviously you have finished the HP book.......any more ventures planned for now or would you just like to settle in at home for awhile........take care

Kairle Oaks 2:23 PM  

What lovely photos. The frost on the ground gave me a shiver...even if it is nearly 100 degs. F. here!

Lynn Dykstra 2:24 PM  

great story. I am the person on the L who people ask for directions and deciphering the Chicago CTA maps. I always worry that I get people hopelessly lost!
The frost photographs are lovely.

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