Friday, July 06, 2007

Sheesh Meggie, what's your definition of 'no pressure'?

Here you go.....

1.My favourite sandwich is Vegemite and Peanut Paste

2.I like rainy days better than sunny ones

3.I once thought Rowan Atkinson in Blackadder the II was attractive

4.I would have liked Clive James as a blind date ( I just love the way the man constructs a sentence)

5.In the animal world I would be a Shetland pony

6.I have a deep fear of being re-incarnated as a penguin (it's the thought of living life with no hands and tiny legs that I hate)

7.If I'd grown two inches taller I would have become an airhostess and my whole life would have been different.

8.I can write legibly backwards, like Leonardo. I had far too much time on my hands at school.

Nowadays my time is filled with this.....


meggie 1:40 AM  

Oh Wow! Keryn, I love your answers! Look at those cool socks!!!
It wasnt that hard was it??
I find some of these memes such fun.
And how lucky is the quilting world, that you never became an "Air Hostess"!!(which I think is no longer PC? to call it such?)

The WV is brvhomkg--- I think they are telling me I am a blimp!!

Nic Bridges 2:59 AM  

OK - here's an admission for you. My husband has been said to resemble said RA in Blackadder II, and I find him dead attractive! OK too much info

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