Saturday, July 07, 2007

While I was at the show I bought a new fusible stabiliser that Mariya Waters recommended for applique. This morning I thought that I should sew a block and try out the technique. I was hurrying a little, I admit, but got a bit of a shock when I turned the piece over. Maybe I should have thoroughly cleared away the previous project? I have also quilted credit card receipts to the back of a quilt in a white hot flurry of sewing, but I think you're not a true quilter until you've done this at least once.
I am amusing myself by looking at a bound collection of women's magazines from the years just after WW2. Mereth and I bought these in 1980, at an auction. We just about died of fright at having to bid for them, but no-one else stood a chance of getting them. We wanted them so badly, paid two weeks rent for them. Never regretted it either.Everything was depicted as so gracious and ordered and pretty; I guess that's the way everyone wanted to see the world, after what they had just been through during the war. The dresses are divine, the shoes are gorgeous, the knitted clothing so elegant. Small wonder our Mum never stopped loving those styles and those times.

However, there was this....
And the ads for cigarettes, and the deoderant that you painted on your armpits once a week for dainty freshness, and the liversalts to get rid of the indigestion that seemed to plague the nation, if the number of ads are to be believed. And to be gross, the sanitary towels that included a 'waterproof container' and loops; I know what the loops were for, but the container has me beat.


Helen 4:29 AM  

As ye sew, so shall ye rip! Was that hand stitched on? What is the new fusible stabiliser? is it good? How do you remove it?

Fiona 5:49 AM  

I can see why you just had to have those magazines - I did smile about you nearly dying of fright at having to bid though. I've got a collection of film star annuals from the same period - I love the clothes and the beautifully lit photographs.

tami 6:37 AM  

I've sewn things to the back of my project too.
Those magazines look like so much fun. I love the clothes.

Jenni 8:16 AM  

I think we've all done that! Did you put your lipstick on and get our husband's slippers out for him when he got home after reading those books?

meggie 6:02 PM  

I laughed at the accidental addition to your applique. I have done it also.
As to those magazines, they really brought back memories! my mother had a lot, & I often wonder what happened to them. I suppose they were thrown away when she moved to the big city.
Perhaps the waterproof constainer was for 'used'?

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