Thursday, July 12, 2007

This will be a potst without pictures, as I am away from home again. I got into Rocky at 10.40 Tuesday night, and I left the next morning to drive 6 hours to the little town of Bell, on the Darling Downs. I had a lovely drive, and managed to avoid several suicidal kangaroos that launched themselves across the road in front of the car. I passed many bodies of the less fortunate ones.

I am teaching two workshops here, and we had a grand day today. The patchwork shop is also a cafe, so there was plenty of good coffee and wonderful food, which is always a bonus. It is SO cold here, even colder than Sydney or Adelaide. Makes me wish for gloves and a fur coat.

I am staying on a property about 6k out of town, and it's lovely. This evening we went for a brisk waalk up on the ridge to see the sunset, and were followed part of the way by a tribe of young cattle. They were fascinated by us, and thundered up behind regularly; it sounded quite menacing, but all it took was a look in their direction and they skidded to a halt and looked aghast. I took some photos, but the light was pretty dim by this stage, so I'll go for a walk earlier tomorrow and see what I can see.

I do love teaching beginner machine quilting, and seeing people gain confidence in themselves and their machines. I hope there's a spate of finished quilts in Bell after my visit.

Oh horror, there is a flannel sale at the shop! I don't have a flannel stash, and in this grim weather I can feel a need for cuddly, flannel quilts. I may succumb......


mereth 6:33 AM  

I spent part of today going through my vintage flannel stash, and I'd love to make a quilt from it, so soft and Warm!
I hope the kangaroos aren't there on the way back- I nearly hit one going out to see Matt yesterday and it gives you a bit of a jolt- why do they always seem to jump across the road instead of into the scrub?
Keep having fun and take photos....

sewprimitive karen 10:58 AM  

Deer do exactly the same thing. They go off the road, you think they're clear, then they hurtle themselves back on the road again.

Get some of the flannel :-)!

meggie 2:54 PM  

Ooh sitting here in cold country flannel sounds so inviting!
enjoy yourself teaching there. Sounds fun.

Chookyblue...... 12:51 AM  

wow have a nice time teaching........wish i was in the class...I would like to learn to machine quilt....only smaller projects to start would be are having a nice adventure....whenever you get home...

Chookyblue...... 12:53 AM  

opps coffee shop and patchwork....isn't that heaven....

QuiltMom 4:09 PM  

Hi Keryn,
I am always startled when I read it is cold somewhere else in the world when we are having our summertime in Canada. I realize that it is your winter in July- It is summer here in ALberta. We are having a heat wave here -the temperature is 34 degrees Celcius( not sure what that is Fahrenheit - around 90 degrees I think)I guess I always think that Australia has a more mild climate like the West coast of canada. (No snow - a fair amount of rain but no ice) I live on the prairies in a large city called Edmonton( pop around 1 million for the greater Edmonton area). Edmonton is in the central part of the province and southern Alberta has been having even hotter temperatures( around 40 degrees C.) We have to watch for the deer out in the foothills where my parents grew up- no kangaroos here:) Have fun quilting and experimenting with the flannel.
Regards from a Western canadian quilter, Anna

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