Saturday, January 22, 2022

I have several of these Ikea trays around my sewing machine. I bought a heap on my last visit, as they were only $2, and they looked so useful.
When I need a clear space on my sewing table, when I'm attaching borders for example, I can just pick up the trays and put them somewhere else, and voila! Instantly clear table.

And then the trays can come back for when I go back to my normal sewing.
Before I started adding the borders to the double 4-patch top, I cleaned out the sewing machine. SO Much Lint!! I'm sure my machine will breathe a sigh of relief with all this gone.

I keep thinking of other little chores I should do at the start of another year. I'm going to replace the vinyl backing on my rulers, the edges have started peeling back and it's really annoying. And I'm going to replace the blades in all the rotary cutters. I've been cutting up a storm, and it's time to treat myself.  I may be even more enthusiastic with a bright shiny new blade to work with.


Gretchen Weaver 5:58 AM  

I use trays also, I love being able to pick up the tray and carry it to the sewing machine or wherever it needs to go. Happy stitching, I'm going to go clean out my bobbin!

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