Friday, January 07, 2022

MAD piecing

My projects are overwhelming me! I don't like having so many things on the go right now. Sometimes that's the way I like to work, but for now I need to see some progress at the start of the year, so I'm going to do something about it. 

This is the chaos next to my sewing machine. There are way too many pieces from different projects, way too many layers to dig through when I want to find a leader-ender, or the next piece of a block. Those trays are from IKEA and I love them, but I forget they're stacked. Sometimes I lift up a tray and there's a whole other level of pieces that I forgot were there. Which is annoying if I've been looking everywhere for them. 
I'm building these double 4-patches as my main leader-ender, but I'm tired of them hanging around. I need another 30 to finish the top.
These are ongoing, but I'm not making much progress, I keep getting diverted. I don't want to rush to finish it, but it won't get done at all if I don't start working on it.
These are sweet little blocks, but they are stalled for some reason. I need to attack the scraps and strips again and stockpile more pieces.
These spinning rectangles should be close to finished, and yet I've come to a complete halt. I need to hunt out more pieces and make some more blocks and concentrate on finishing it.
This is a strange spur of the moment thing that I started, and now I have no idea what to do with it. I don't want to pack it away until I have some sort of plan for it. It's refusing to speak to  me though, so I'm shelving it for a while. It's not as if I don't have anything to be going on with....

I really want to make more of these blocks.

I've never even mentioned these, but they have their own project box and there are fabrics set aside for future blocks. 

I adore this project, I need to get busy and make some progress.  All the HSTs are already made, so it will be a simple matter of putting those units together.

This is almost ready to assemble, another 15 blocks to go.  I love QSTs obviously.

In order to restore some sense of order I'm going to resort to something I'm calling MAD piecing. It stands for Make A Difference. I'm going to sew madly on one project until I have made a difference in it's status. The sort of sewing where there is a huge pile behind the sewing machine, and it takes an hour to iron it all.

I plan to make MAD piecing a permanent thing. I can still hop around on a dozen projects if I want, but at least once a month (or week) I'm going to MADly work on one thing. Hopefully I'll see results.


mereth 2:18 PM  

OOOh I like this idea! I'll have to choose a project for January.....hmmm, I've got so many!

Chookyblue...... 2:57 PM  

Oooh lots of wonderful things on the go......

Cherie Moore 3:37 AM  

I love this concept! Sometimes I feel a need to break through so adding MAD sewing sessions sounds like perfect approach. Love the name too ;-)

Gretchen Weaver 4:26 AM  

I'm doing MAD right now too, I'm quilting all the crib quilts I pieced last year. Then I'll bind them then they'll be finished. I won't feel guilty about them hanging around the house. Happy stitching!

cbott 7:36 AM  

Love that acronym too. I used to have a "Dreadful Tuesday", the day when I forced myself to do something I'd been dreading. It gradually took care of looming issues, and made it easier to deal with the anxiety of any fresh challenges because I knew they'd be addressed on the coming Tuesday.

I'd be tempted to schedule MAD on the Ides of every month, but there's nothing like pinning a free-spirited idea like that to a single day to kill the impulse quite dead.

What is the name of the "sweet little block"? It intrigues me.


Tazzie 5:56 PM  

I love all the projects you're working on right now. They make me want to get to the sewing machine stat!
Happy New Year hon

Suzanne 7:33 PM  

I love all of the projects you have going and can relate to the frustration of not seeing enough progress. I may try the MAD approach too. It seems that several new projects have been started in y sewing room since the first of the year!

QuiltGranma 7:10 PM  

I love what you have been working on, especially the R n shirtings 4 patches! That is now on my bucket list!

Betty 1:28 PM  

Added your Acronym to my Quilters Acronyms web page!

Adding MAD to my scrap busting process!

Shasta Matova 5:34 AM  

I like the concept of Make a Difference. I find that when I have a lot of projects that are in the same state - mostly piecing for example, it is hard to make much progress. Working on different projects - a piecing project, a quilting project, and a handwork project, helps me a great deal.

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