Sunday, January 23, 2022

First finish of 2022

The double 4-patch is in one piece.

There are so many scraps in this, I'm really pleased that I used up a lot of odd fabrics that were cluttering up the scrap drawers. The diagonal stripes of 3.5" squares were a surprise when I first laid the blocks out. I liked the effect, so I worked to make that a design feature.

I don't know where I acquired the floral border fabric, but I had several metres of it, so I had no qualms about chopping it up to frame this quilt. It grew to be bigger than I had planned, but I'm happy with it. It was a stress-free project, super simple and a great scrap buster.

I haven't given any thought to the next project. Isla is here at home with me for several days, so I'm not finding a great deal of time for sewing. We've spent time at the skate park, and believe me, that's not my natural environment.

I had to shut my eyes sometimes so I didn't panic over her riskier moves. Her mum believes in 'risky play', and so do I, so long as I don't have to watch her doing it. 

A minor skinned knee, but a slushy fixed that.

Maybe tomorrow we can have a sewing lesson, if she's in the mood to sit still. She has so much energy, it's really hard work keeping up with her.


Gretchen Weaver 4:46 AM  

Grandchildren are exhausting! I love your quilt, the diagonal paths are lovely, happy stitching!

Tazzie 5:04 AM  

Gorgeous finish Keryn, and that border print is divine!
Hugs, Tazzie

Shasta Matova 6:27 AM  

Your quilt is beautiful. I love the subtle stripes going the other way.

Marilyn Tolhuizen 7:10 AM  

They make all kinds of protective gear for skateparks. Gift her some. I love your quilt-I have so many scraps.

Gypsy Quilter Designs 7:44 PM  

The quilt is lovely, but Isla is even prettier. She is so lucky you can take her to such a fun park.

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