Saturday, March 01, 2008

  • Garage sale visited - Check
  • Orphan quilt finished - Check
  • Carolina Coverlet loaded on Ms Millhouse - Check
  • plants watered, laundry done, lunch and tea for the next two days cooked - Check

I guess there's nothing for it but to start sewing!

The garage sale was full of kids toys and clothing, but I managed to pick up 8 metres of material for $4. That floral is an old favourite, it cuts up well for Log Cabin quilts, so I'm glad to have another metre of it. The blue and white print is long enough for a backing, and the black floral rayon will make a lovely dress for autumn. I'm pleased with my loot.

I finished the Orphans and Siblings last night, and I'm happy with how it turned out; I'm going to bind it this weekend, so it can go straight on my bed as my autumn quilt. I love the colours in it, I'm still delighted with it. I've made a lot of quilts that failed to delight me when I'd gone to great lengths to finish them, so it's a bonus to have a quilt that makes me so happy.

I'm testing new pantos before I release them, so it will be a busy time while I get all the details sorted. There's lots of computer time ahead, but for this weekend I'm concentrating on the sewing and quilting. I'm off to the machine right now......


Tonya Ricucci 7:06 PM  

Wooohoo!!! Congrats on finishing the beautiful, gorgeous, wonderful O&S quilt. the quilting is lovely. please to show a finished pic when you have it all done!

meggie 9:14 AM  

That Orphans & Siblings is just wonderful! No wonder you are delighted with it.

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