Saturday, March 01, 2008

We started our Quiltathon Down Under in earnest after a very late lunch, and I don't feel like I've achieved a great deal. In reality I have, it's just that I've been working on several things and I felt scattered all day. I need to spend a long time just sitting and sewing, and that will make me more centred.

The Carolina Coverlet is quilted and trimmed and the binding is cut and waiting to be sewn on tomorrow. I'm too tired to wrestle with that much quilt tonight. It ended up being 86" square, a very respectable size and it weighs a ton with all those seam allowances. It looks really good though; I quilted it with a clamshell design and it was sooooo easy. I like it a lot.

The binding for the Orphans and Siblings is cut and made, and it will be sewn tomorrow too. It will be great to get two quilts entirely finished. I used up 50" for the bindings, which helps restore the balance after all my stash enhancement.

In between tending to the Statler and making coffee and cutting fabric I sewed my 4-patches. I'm making two sets of blocks; the ones on the left will use up some of my 2.5" strips, which is a good thing. The ones on the right will clear out all my remaining red 1.5" strips, and then the sashing will come out of my 2" strips. If all goes to plan I will need to cut LOTS of new fabric for the strip drawers.


Anonymous,  12:59 AM  


OOOh I doo so love this quilt.

Love Leanne

Granny 2:41 AM  

Looks to me like you're making lots of progress. Oh . . to be sewing while the Statler is stitching in the background!

meggie 9:15 AM  

What a great setup you have, being able to set up your quilter, & keep on sewing away.
Love the look of those blocks.

sewprimitive karen 2:52 AM  

Oh scream! love the settings for the nine patches.

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