Monday, March 17, 2008

Just a few of the quilts I've finished this year. The mini T-quilt and the brown BearPaw variation are 8 year old workshop samples that I dragged all over the country without their bindings; what a relief to get them done at last. Several others will be written up into patterns or for magazines. Three were quilted before Christmas 06, and have sat on the shelf minus their bindings ever since. Never let it be said that I rush into things.

Every day we're moving closer to that cool change........


tami 9:46 PM  

That is a gorgeous collection of quilts. I always love your color combinations. Could you tell me the pattern for the third one down on the far left? I've never seen that before.

Vicki W 10:27 PM  

Very impressive!! It's cool to see them all in a mosaic together.

Tanya Brown 2:58 AM  

I, too enjoyed seeing them in a mosaic. What a marvelous body of work!

meggie 7:32 AM  

They are all lovely. Thanks for showing us the collection.
I think what boggles my mind, is the fact that this is just a few!!

Anonymous,  7:42 PM  

Uauuuu!!! is beautifull your blog and yours works!!! Sorry but my english is note very well!!!

Barbara 9:45 AM  

If it will make you feel any better, it is about 40 degrees here in Maryland today and drizzly rain, brrr, everything feels cold. Love you and your sister's blogs.


Jenni 10:41 PM  

Hope you are enjoying your "cool change" - you've had a rough time of it down there in Adelaide. The quilts look great all together like that.

julieQ 12:35 PM  

Wow! Such a lot a gorgeous quilts! That has to be satisfying to see them all together...

Mary Johnson 8:56 AM  

You've had a very productive 3 months! We're one of the one's who've had snow this weekend but unlike a lot of others who are ready for spring, we've enjoyed it. Hope your weathers cools down a bit soon.

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