Thursday, March 06, 2008

There is not a great deal to report on the sewing front; I am chained to the computer for the forseeable future. I'm starting to enjoy what I'm doing; designing a new website, tidying up my taxes, making the initial files for a new computerised quilting system that will hit the market later this year. It's all quite exciting, but exhausting too. Lots of late nights and brain fades, when I just can't make sense of one more new process. I know it's supposed to keep you young, learning something new, but it makes me feel old and weary when I do too much. I never had this trouble when I was 10 years younger....In between other chores Mereth quilted my Half & Half quilt, and I love how it turned out. It fits the bed nicely, and looks good in that room with the rich red walls. That Flying Geese border was so worth the effort.The panto is one of mine called Limetree, and it makes a nice swirly, leafy texture. It's not a new one, I've used it several times and I like it every time. We did this at 10 1/2 inches, and it went quickly, but covered the top well. Gotta love that.

I think I will make some time to do a little easy sewing on the weekend, I've worked hard this week and I deserve some free time. Maybe I'll do some sewing on my latest machine, a Peerless treadle in excellent condition. I just had to rescue it from the junk shop where it was jammed in behind a stack of other furniture. I spent a bit of time this evening cleaning ancient lint and grease out the moving parts, and sewed a few seams to make sure everything worked as it should. What a little gem. We had a power blackout that lasted 5 hours a few weeks ago, and it was awful not being able to sew. My other treadle isn't up to scratch when it comes to making a nice stitch, it needs some work. But this one is ready to go.


Maia 9:08 PM  

Hello, I'm Maia and I don't sew. I do however knit at times, although mainly simple things like scarves and wrist warmers. I'm an eighteen year old girl from Norway, and I just wanted to leave my footprint here. I loved how the bedspread turned out! It would be fun to hear from you.


Donna 12:48 AM  

what a great treadle machine. I've never seen that make before. Here in Canada the treadles are pretty much all singers, and its neat to see how similar the decorative scroll work is on them and yours -- a particular style of the age I guess more then a particular manufacturer (though I'm sure there are details of it that are unique...)

meggie 9:11 AM  

Oh your quilt is just perfection. Love everything about it.

That Treadle looks lovely too! They are not only funcional, but I think they are quite beautiful to look at.

Tazzie 10:40 AM  

Just lovely Keryn, and the quilting is so nice too. I adore your 'new' machine, it looks to be in really nice condition. You definitely had to rescue it from the junk shop.

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