Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I finished quilting another top of mine, a pinwheel in reproduction fabrics that I finished sometime last year. I quilted it with a wineglass pattern, and it turned out well. It was an easy pattern to place over the blocks, and it's in keeping with that time period. Sometimes simple patterns are the most appropriate.

These blocks are the ones I'm making from the leftover triangles from the binding strips. I have 12 blocks now, which represents 24 quilt bindings. That seems like an awful lot, but I have had a big finishing spree since getting the Statler. I was feeling pretty pleased with this lot until I noticed that I've sewn four as pinwheels and the rest as Broken Dishes. I can't believe I did that! Never mind, I intend to sash these blocks, so they won't touch each other, and maybe it will look 'charming' instead a big fat mistake! This collection of blocks will grow slowly, but it will mean a lot to me when it's finished.

At the risk of sounding somewhat strange, this last photo is from the graveyard on a hill above Crystal Brook. On the night after the full moon we were driving Matt home along that road, and I decided to detour in and see if we could get photos of this lovely angel by moonlight. Alas, it was just too dark to get a good photo without tripods, which we hadn't brought.
She is lit in this photo by the focussing beam from Matt's camera; bit of lucky timing that my camera caught it. We have agreed to go back on the next full moon with the right equipment and see what we can capture.

Mereth sat in the car and squeaked nervously while Matt and I were taking our photos. I think she and I were thrill-seeking teenagers the last time we visited a cemetary at midnight.


Patti 12:10 AM  

I never would have noticed the "mistake" if you'd not pointed it out. Absolutely leave it there - and then future quilters can wonder "why did she do that?" if they should happen to notice it. Just like we wonder about so many of our foremothers quilts.

meggie 9:35 AM  

I like the idea of the different blocks too.

I love visiting cemetaries, & when I was young a girl friend & I used to go to the local one, at night, & scare ourselves silly!

mereth 10:08 AM  

I was just nervous that someone would come and tell us off for being there!!

Pink and Barbara 10:09 PM  

Hi! I just love the quilting on the quilt!

Helen in the UK 4:00 AM  

Great quilt with beautiful quilting. I especially like the circles you added on the setting blocks :)

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