Saturday, March 08, 2008

The weather has turned hot and horrible again, and I'm trying not to lose patience as I wait for autumn to arrive. We need rain so desperately, I'm hoping some of the older trees make it through. It's dreadful seeing tall trees that have lived for 20 or 30 or 50 years come to grief in this hateful heat. And the rest of Australia is flooding! It makes no sense at all.

On the way to pick up my sewing machine the other day we took an 80k detour to a fabric shop, to get binding for a customer quilt. The air-conditioning in my car is very effective, so it was probably a good day to spend driving. I may have bought the ends of about 7 bolts of fabric, nearly 8m total. However I only did it to help make room on the shelves; in this particular shop the shelves are so packed with fabric that it's a struggle to pull anything out, and damn near impossible to get it back. I did my bit to make some room. The bits I got are nothing rivetting, just useful backgrounds and borders and bindings. I feel positively Virtuous! And I cut up a load of fabric this week, so the total gain is only 1.4m.

The Blue Anvil is in one piece, and I'm not delighted with the borders but at least I didn't buy fabric for them. This was supposed to use up all my blue-greys, and it did. It would have been ridiculous to buy more to finish it off, so I made do. But I think I might splurge on the odd metre of pretty blue, because my blue stash is woeful.
Can you spot the mistake? I sewed this together without once standing back to look at what I was doing, and the little single corner block is rotated the wrong way. Not that I care; It's quirky. It so is!

My backing cupboard is getting bare too, which is a bit frighteneing, as I have more than 20 tops to quilt. I think it's time I went shopping for backing lengths again. I don't know that I have enough expendable fabric left to make pieced backings.

And the pile of unfinished quilts just got to me yesterday, so I did this. The Night and Noon, and Half & Half are totally finished. The Carolina Coverlet and the blue/green quilt have the binding attached and just need to be sewn down. Today I will have to put the air-conditioning onto frigid, but at least it will get done, and I can cross another 4 projects off the spreadsheet. Yay!


Paula 2:11 PM  

I'm glad you didn't take that block gives the quilt "character". It looks like something our grandmothers might have done. I really like the quilt. I'd love to have a green one!!!

julieQ 1:51 AM  

I love your blue quilts! Your have made several, no wonder you are out of blues! Now that is stash busting!!Hope it cools soon for you girls down there...

Mary Johnson 3:16 PM  

It's so funny to read about your wishing for Autumn when over here, all I read is people wishing for Spring. Personally, I'm enjoying Winter right now and am hoping for one more good snow before Spring arrives (just not the week I'm moving).

I did see your block that was rotated the wrong direction but might not have if you hadn't pointed out there was one. If I find one that late in the process it stays too.

YankeeQuilter 8:59 PM  

If you hadn't of pointed it out I would never have seen it!

You are the second quilter today that has posted about their "spreadsheet!" I am feeling very disorganized for not having one. (as close as I get is the back of a pattern for a tea cozy!)

Great job with all those finishes! Hope you get some rain soon.

meggie 8:41 AM  

I love that blue quilt, with it's little quirky corner! Perfect.
You have been making some good progress there.

Nicole & Phil 4:04 AM  

The wuilting on this one is gorgeous! What a terrific pattern!
I hope the weather cools down for you soon, I read on the Age internet site, it is the hottest day Adelaide has had for quite some time! yikes!
Hoping that you are managing a little bit of sleep!

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