Saturday, November 01, 2008

I managed to get in some sewing time this morning, and it pleased me greatly. This isn't a quilt I wanted to make, I just did it because it would use up my ghastley 4-patches, and some fabric that was just a bit toooo thin for a good quilt, and some pink that I'd never managed to cut into since I bought it 5 years ago. So it was a surprise to find myself actually liking the soft drab look of the colours in the mid morning sun, as I sewed interminable border seams.It's nothing special, but I've been thinking of it as The Verandah Quilt while I made it. My Gran had two old wooden chairs on her verandah, padded with pillows that had faded and worn down to a shabby shadow of what they had once been. The setting fabrics in this quilt remind me of those old cushions, and of curling up in the chairs to read comic books. And I think this will be a nice quilt to use on my own verandah next winter, when I sit out there at evening with a cup of coffee and a quilt book.

And still there were more 4-patches! I'm getting desperate to be rid of them, so I am making border strips to put in the Orphan box, and using some of my extra HSTs to make random Anvil blocks. I plan to use up lots of leftovers in these blocks, and see if they look too disgusting put together edge to edge. If they are awful I'll shove them all into the overflowing Orphan box and schedule a time to deal with them later. But I want the box of 4-patches Empty.On the way into town the other day I glimpsed a foal in a paddock, and just had to turn around to take a photo. These Shetland ponies are adorable anyway, but the foal was just darling. The mother was only waist-height on me, and I'm SHORT. He was so little it didn't seem possible that he was real.

What a charmer.


Marianne 10:20 PM  

Love the quilt. It is evocative of a bygone era. As for the horse, it looks like you could have taken him home in your pocket!

pdudgeon 10:23 PM  

echoing what marianne said.
the quilt is beautiful. the soft colors go together nicely. bet it's even prettier in person.
that foal is sooooo cute!thanks for sharing.

Paula 11:23 PM  

I adore this quilt! Too sweet. I may need to make something like this!

julieQ 2:24 AM  

I love those soft, warm colors, your quilt is wonderful! I need to use up lots of 4 patches too. BUT your picture of the Shetlands is my all time favorite!! What a precious little baby doll.

Tazzie 11:12 AM  

Wow Keryn, this quilt is just adorable. I giggled when you said ghastly four patches - because they look just lovely now!
And isn't the little pony a sweetie - I can't even imagine how tiny he is.

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