Friday, November 28, 2008

My trip to Western Australia was so much fun, I'm very glad I went. At the gathering I met up with Nicola and Blogless Kathy, both longtime longarm friends. I said that we were becoming the Old Ladies of Quilting, as we'd been doing it so long. That sounded dreadful, so I amended it to the Elders of Quilting. We don't sound so decrepit that way.
This little guy was minding the pins on Terry's treadle machine. He's made of batiks, Log Cabin style, with a cute little parrot tail. I think I will have to make one like it for my own.

I talked so much during the three days at Terry's that I completely lost my voice; I know we didn't have to stay up past midnight talking every night, but we had to finish off the wine, it doesn't keep once it's been opened!

We went shopping and I bought myself some Crocs, having finally found a pair that suited me. I bought them instead of a pair of reindeer at this Christmas shop, which was full of utterly beautiful decorations. I will be sad at not having the reindeer, but my feel will be nice and comfy.

Terry delivered my to my brother Doug's place on Sunday, and I drank more wine and talked even more. It was all very relaxing and fun.

Doug's garden is lovely, I spent a lot of time wandering and taking photos. This Asiatic Lily was amazing, very decorative. I've never grown lilies, but I think I might have a go.The State flower of Western Australia is the Kangaroo Paw, and we saw plenty of them as we drove around. They flourish here, and some bushes were nearly taller than me.

When you look closely at them you can see the furry little flowers that do look a lot like the front paws of a kangaroo.


meggie 2:28 PM  

Lovely red Kangaroo Paws! I love those lillies too, we used to grow those in NZ.
Seems you had a great trip.

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