Saturday, November 08, 2008

We always seem to miss out on the quiltathons organised by Stashbuster, or Judy L. I'm determined to have my own workathon this weekend, not just quilting but cooking and gardening too. I seem to spend my life rushing past all the things I want to do and promising that I'll do them later. This weekend is IT! And I really should have a Cleanathon, but not right now....

My scraps are overwhelming me, and I'm running out of cut pieces, so I will cut up this tiny pile of pieces to restock the strip drawers. That's 3 yards of fabric there; I weighed it. It will give a nice variety to the scrap project on the design wall, but it won't help the stashbusting much. That's about 1/4 of one of my scrap drawers; I must have 35 yards in scraps alone, just waiting to be sliced up, that is just stuff that I have discarded from my Real Stash.

I put all my tiny 1.5" scraps in this old milk billy, and every few months I sew them all together and make 4-patches from them. I know, MORE of the little sods. But it uses up every last little bit, and they are very useful to have in the orphan drawer. I'm sewing my way through the pile, adding in a HST now and then. It takes a bit of trimming afterwards, and is probably not worth the effort involved, but it's just something I've been in the habit of doing. I have great trouble being random with my colour choices and placement, and this helps me get over all my agonising. It truly doesn't matter what pieces I sew together, they all blend in.

Before I forget, if you are interested in the Judie Rothermel fabric club you can join it here; I just received a shipment of reds, and they are delicious. Don't go and look in the rest of her shop while you're there, it's far too dangerous.

During the week Mereth and I kept stopping in at the Op-Shop, admiring two lovely green chenille bedspreads, and talking ourselves out of having them because we had no idea what to do with them. Then our friend Sonia showed us some beautiful stitcheries she'd made, intending to turn them into cushions. The green in the stitcheries was a wonderful match for the chenille, and Sonia loves chenille; we bought the bedspreads the next day, and they will be great as the back of the cushions, with a little bit scattered in the patchwork on the front. We will have fun working on these. I really want to use the fringe around the edge of the cushions, that would be fun.

It's funny how some colours show up again and again, once you start noticing them. We saw this ensemble in traffic in Adelaide, and just had to grab some photos. That is a very cool looking set-up!


pdudgeon 12:49 AM  

you've given me a great idea for what to do next weekend! my scrap drawers are stuffed to the gills too, so taking the time off from sewing to cut the scraps into strips and squares would be a good thing to do.

love the stitcheries and the chenille together--what a great use for the bed spreads. i think your friend is gonna love it!

Katie Z. 6:55 AM  

I'm sewing little 1" squares into 4-patches, and part of me says "Too much work!" but my daughter loves it... she calls them her "fat quarters" (although, said by a 2 1/2 year old, that sounds like a dirty word!) I'm glad someone else is doing something crazy too!

Lurline 11:19 AM  

Good on for joining your little scraps - I just can't get into it - maybe one day I'll be sorry! Love your stitchery an green chenille - will be a beautiful cushion!
Hugs - Lurline!

julieQ 12:30 PM  

I started the scrap sifting process too, with my drawers for 1.5 inch, 2 inch, and 2.5 inch, then a bin for the bigger pieces. Strings all in their place too...lots of strings!Looks like you had playing in you little pieces too! My husband loves the car...

Quilting Martha 2:22 PM  

Lime green is my favorite color. I love the car and the trailer!

meggie 9:17 AM  

Wow! would that lime green car & trialer be Grey Nomads living out their dream, I wonder?
Love the Chenille with that stitchery.
I must get some sewing done!!!

Anonymous,  1:18 PM  

What a brilliant idea for the chenille spreads!!! I'll truly have to learn the art of Op Shopping. Ah, lime green - yum :-)

Anonymous,  8:33 AM  

Good Job! I loved to see how you have used up your scraps into different quilts so that you don't waste any fabric. I am the same way myself. When my mom finishes a quilt I get her scraps to add to my pile, too. She's not interested in using up the little bits like me.

YankeeQuilter 11:30 AM  

I love that color green...just bought a box of Christmas ornaments that color!

Shelina (formerly known as Shasta) 3:31 AM  

That stitchery goes wonderfully with the chenille.

I've been making rail fence blocks to use up my scraps. I just love lime green. I was thinking of making a crazy quilt with my lime green fabrics.

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