Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Well my first Workathon was such a fabulous success that I did it all again last weekend and I got a lot done. I cooked, worked in the garden, sewed on my projects and also did a lot of printing for orders. Last week I tried to catch up with computer work, and put together the arrangements for a quick trip to Western Australia for the machine quilters gathering over there. I hadn't meant to go, but all the planets were in alignment and so many things fell into place that I sort of HAD to. I leave tomorrow, and will have a day off before the gathering on Saturday. It will be good to catch up with quilter friends over there, as well as family. I'm looking forward to the trip, even if there's a lot of preparation still left to do. More printing, collating and folding before I get on the bus for the airport.

So what did I achieve sewing-wise? Now don't laugh, but this is my attempt at a random arrangement of my scrap 4-patches. I honestly tried to just throw them altogether, but it goes against the grain with me; I'm a pattern sort of person. I spent far too long fitting all the tiny pieces together just so; I think I will use this as a tablecloth, it's just the right size and it's very pretty with all those pastel background squares.

After I'd finished that I gritted my teeth and tried to do random once again. And it still didn't work. I should give up I think, or work blind-folded. But I have two runners like this, quilted already, and I have NO more 4-patches, not a single one. I am happy with my empty strip drawers, and ready to cut up some prettier scraps for future quilts.


dot 1:49 AM  

What a lovely quilt. I like the table runner also. The quilt is just beautiful.

Paula 2:01 AM  

Well, they aren't random, but they are gorgeous! Isn't THAT the point??? LOL You did a great job on them both.

InfinityQuilter/Knitter 2:46 AM  

I think they both are wonderful! You're not alone, I have a difficult time with "random" too.

Katie Z. 2:53 AM  

I love the quilt! I think it's better that it's fabulous than random. Now you'll like to use it!

Andrea 5:55 AM  

I don't do too well with random either. I'd say these are much better than random actually - the quilt especially. You know I have a teeny little pile of 4-patches somewhere - ideas !!

Joanne 8:15 AM  

They are both beautiful! I've heard some people literally pull blocks out of a bag or box and arrange them in the order they come out. Haven't tried it myself :)

Shelina (formerly known as Shasta) 3:02 PM  

I think it is a good idea for you to go with your instinct. You have two gorgeous quilts. If you force yourself to be random, you probably wouldn't be happy with the end result.

Diane 2:06 AM  

LOVE THEM! I am happy for you on your empty strip drawer. How satisfying.

*karendianne. 2:45 AM  

Okay I love them both. Wow! You're always, always so inspiring. I'm getting off the computer now and I'm off to sew!!!

Vicki W 9:39 AM  

I can't do random either! I love both of these.

Marianne 12:25 PM  

I've done random and am never happy with the results. Personally I think random is over-rated.

Anonymous,  3:09 PM  

They are lovely! Congrats on emptying out your strip drawer and using up all your 4-patches :) What a great feeling, huh?

hetty 3:16 PM  

I love how you arranged your four patches! Random never works for me either.

meg 7:00 AM  

Fell in love with the table cloth quilt!

Anonymous,  4:14 AM  

What a beautiful setting for these not so random blocks!

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