Monday, November 03, 2008

This is the Freemasons Lodge in our town, and as you can see from the facade it was built in 1914. It came on the market a few months ago, and we were very impressed after our first viewing. The Lodge has only one or two active members, so it made sense to amalgamate with the bigger lodge in town and sell this property. I won't put up any pictures of the back hall, it was still chock full of 'Secret Mason Stuff' when we took photos, so it can stay private. But you'll agree the front meeting room is a perfect workroom or classroom for us, with the bonus of the huge back hall, once it has been brought up to safety standards. It has no emergency exit, so nobody will be going out there until that is sorted.

I'm only renting the building I'm in now, and I've been looking for my own place since I moved down here. The Realtor and the Freemason representative both thought of me when they were discussing putting it on the market, and they were right. It's just what I wanted! I won't move from here until I have to, but it's so nice to know there's a home for Millhouse when we need it. As you can imagine, it's hard to find a place that can accommodate a 12' long quilting machine.

We will definitely run workshops and classes there, as it's a lovely space and luckily has about 12 powerpoints; I don't know what the Masons were doing that needed so many powerpoints, but they will be very useful for machines and lights and irons. And I should also be able to get the 60 blue cups and saucers that they used, so I'll be able to throw a big tea-party!

And seeing you liked the foal, here's another. A lady in a nearby town rescues donkeys, and has five or six in a paddock. The foal was being ridiculously cute, capering about with his long ears flapping, until we got out the camera. He wasn't too sure of us after that.


Tazzie 7:32 PM  

Wow! This is very exciting news - I hope I can come and visit sometime soon!

meggie 8:21 PM  

Very exciting! I like to think of the rituals & the imprints of such things, that are left to remain.

The little donkey stole my heart.

Donna 12:46 AM  

looks like a wonderfully open space with lots of natural light. Being a large stone building it should be cool in the heat of summer too :-)

pdudgeon 1:57 AM  

yep i think i would remove those scarry-looking shrubs out front, but the building size looks great!
good on you for getting those cups and saucers!

Ann 2:56 AM  

Congratulations! I love these old buildings, and quilts go so well with them. Enjoy the new space!

Marianne 3:51 AM  

Yes! You could accommodate all your blog readers predicated on them showing up with sleeping bags and tea bags! LOL!

The baby donkey is even cuter than the little horse.

Nic Bridges 12:30 PM  

Congratulations Keryn! That building looks just perfect for your needs. It will make a great studio!!

Nola 9:43 PM  

Aha, up to speed now! Looks like a great building for Millhouse. And the cups and saucers will be a bonus..

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