Saturday, November 22, 2008

There's nothing quilty about today's post; I've had a thoroughly lazy day, lounging around and doing absolutely nothing. I had a hard day's travel yesterday, leaving at midday and getting to bed at 3am, so I needed a day to recover.

We started the day with a wander through Terry's beautiful garden, which is so wonderfully perfumed it's enough to make you swoon. The roses are gorgeous, the star jasmine a riot of flowers and the hollyhocks taller than me. I wish my garden could look like this, but we have much tougher water restrictions, so it's just not possible..I love these poppy seedpods, such lovely blue-grey colours and sculptural shapesWhat better way to spend the morning than a visit to Spotlight's sale, and 30m of fabric to take home. I got enough fabric for 5 backings and 3 bindings, 4 skirts and 3 blouses, plus some stash additions. Not a bad haul.

Then onto the Marina, where we had a mocha, lunch, and a wander through the shops. What a Life!!
We came home full of plans to work, but lost the plot. I slept for 3 hours, then we had streak and salad for tea and demolished a bottle of very nice Merlot and talked the night away. I'll have to be up early to get ready for the Gathering; should be great fun. There are more than 30 longarmers coming, and it will be a great chance to network and share knowledge. I'm off to get my beauty sleep now......


Joanne 8:35 AM  

Gorgeous pictures!

Marianne 11:55 AM  

Yes, indeed, the pictures are a real treat! Thanks for sharing.

mereth 12:25 PM  

The garden looks gorgeous, I bet you've got lots of ideas now. And that's a pretty good haul at Spotlight by the sounds of it. You are going to share aren't you? Aren't you?

*karendianne. 11:08 PM  

Sounds lovely indeed. I've never seen Hollyhocks like that - oh how I love gardens. And to speak of naps and wine and all wonderful things... I love my life! Oh wait. I love your life. I got confused. hee!!!

silly *karendianne.

meg 7:02 AM  

Lovely garden.
It is Monday now, & I will bet you have had a fabulous weekend!

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