Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Yesterday our patchwork group had it's Christmas outing, and we went off in three cars for a Mystery Tour. Only the two organisers knew where we were going, so we had to make sure we didn't lose sight of their car. After two hours of driving and a couple of hair-raising U-turns when they thought we were lost but we weren't, we arrived at Maggie Beer's Farmshop in the Barossa Valley. Maggie is a renowned cook and food writer, and presents the TV show The Cook and The Chef. We went through the shop and sampled all the lovely local products, and then had lunch on the verandah, overlooking the lake. It was very civilised to sit and enjoy a glass of excellent shiraz, but we made so much noise laughing and talking that no-one else would come out on the verandah with us. Squibs!!

This is one of our lovely hostesses, conducting a cooking presentation on The Actual Set of the TV show; us country kids were suitably impressed.Of course there was a trip to a patchwork shop afterwards, where a little fabric was added to the stash, then a trip to a coffee shop and time for home. We had a fun day with all our friends, and got to know each other a lot better; we have all seen one of our number in a G-string (thong) now, although there was a lot of debate among the older ladies about whether she had it on backwards or not, and as it was over the top of her trousers anyway it lost some of the effect.

My big printer that I use to print pantos is called Gilbert, and he and I have spent a lot of time together the last few days, filling orders. My workroom was swamped with 10' lengths of paper, but now it's all parcelled up and posted, so I am allowed to sit in my sewing room and play. I made this trial block, called Chain of Arrows, that I want to make in some of my delicious Civil War greys.
Then I sewed up a storm, and finished the last of my Pretties blocks; I'll have to think of an official name for this quilt. As you can see, I am in the process of joining the blocks together now, and getting excited to see the final result. I just love the way it's turning out.While I was away Mereth 'organised' my sewing room. She's very good at that, and I don't mind her doing it, but it's a bit disconcerting when she says 'Now don't be mad at me, but...' My mind whirls at the prospect of what I'm about to see. But she had just moved a few pieces of furniture and stacked everything neatly in baskets and sorted out my tottering piles of fabric. I was not the least bit perturbed by any of it. I'm sure she could have a career as a Stash Elf; she could just appear each night and put a sewing room to rights as if by magic.


antique quilter 10:18 PM  

oh please sent the elf to my house I sure could use it right now
I have been on a plaid phase and now they all need to be neatly organized put backin their baskets and brought downstairs to the fabric storage room! Well I call it that , not what the rest of the family calls that room!
What a fun day you had, and a quilt shop too!

Stephanie Newman 11:12 PM  

Keryn, your pretty pinwheels are beautiful: I love pinwheels too-these look like spinning ones surrounded by clouds of fairy floss, like you'd find at a rural show. Love reading your blog-your productivity is just amazing.

SueR 12:57 AM  

Mystery rides are really fun, and it sounds like you all had a blast. What a pretty quilt! I love those little red pinwheels.

Lynn Dykstra 7:51 AM  

This pinwheel quilt is so lovely. I like how the reds stand out from the sweet pastels--Pastels make good neutrals.

Shelina (formerly known as Shasta) 8:55 AM  

The pinwheel quilt is really pretty. Makes me think of peppermint candies. I'm sure there have been other quilts with the name Peppermint twist, but it seems to fit on this one.

meggie 7:15 AM  

I thought of peppermint too, when I looked at the pretty pinwheels.
Lucky you, to see the set for the Cook & the Chef. I love that show.

I need an elf urgently!

Lurline 11:33 PM  

Beautiful pics and quilts - the pinwheels are my favourite!
Hugs - Lurline!

Sherri 3:48 AM  

I adore this top! It is so feminine, has a lot of movement but not too "busy", and the wonderful soft background help keep the eye from being too distracted with all the pinwheel blocks spinning around!

How are you going to quilt it?

Is that a Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt in the background? I've always wanted to make one of those too!

Do you know how many quilt tops you've made to date? and what is the average size you usually make?

Just curious.........you do some wonderful work!

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