Friday, December 12, 2008

I made this quilt to use up a pile of 2.5" strips, and it worked well. I really like the block because it uses large pieces and goes together very quickly. I'm callling it a Stacked Album, because I'm too lazy to go look in EQ6 and see if it has a proper name.From the 2.5" strips cut one 10.5" rectangle and two 6.5" rectangles. Cut two 2.5" squares.From the background fabric cut two 4 1/8" squares and cross-cut diagonally twice, to give 8 large triangles. Cut two 2.5" squares and cut them once diagonally, to give 4 small triangles.

Sew a large triangle to each side of the 6.5" rectangles and the squares.
Make sure they look like this when finished. Snick off those dogears at the edge.Fold a 6.5" rectangle in half and crease; do the same with a square.Line the folds up and pin.
This aligns the edges in the correct place, so all you have to do now is sew the seam.

Add these two pieced bits to the centre 10.5" strip in the same way, matching centre creases.
Then add the corner triangles.

Your block will look like this; it may be a little mis-shapen; I trimmed mine to 9".

As I said, I'm done with the red and gren strips, now I want to do something totally different. Red and BLUE!


Paula 2:56 AM  

So many kind quilters out in Blogland sharing patterns for quilts I don't have time to make!!! Thanks! It's great!!!

meggie 8:45 AM  

Now I need a nice fast quilt to make, & this might just fit the bill!
I love how yours looks.
Thankyou for sharing.

Tazzie 9:36 AM  

Wow Keryn, I love this block - so thank you for the tutorial. It would be great for jelly rolls too I'm thinking.

Vicki W 10:16 AM  

Thanks for the tutorial - I love this block!

Anonymous,  10:53 AM  

Fabulous! I think they look like dradyls. (sp?)

Granny 11:43 AM  

Love that block! Thanks for the tutorial.

Sheila 8:55 PM  

I love the way this quilt turned out. Thanks for the instructions. I see a new quilt in my immediate future; it helps that I have a plethora of 2.5" strips!

pdudgeon 12:14 AM  

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
i love this pattern! What a great way to use up the stash.

Anonymous,  1:42 AM  

Saw your post on the stashbuster site and decided to make a visit. Wow, I"m impressed with the artistry and design. There's so much inspiration here. Thanks for the beautiful ideas!
in snow, frigid Cedarburg, WI

hetty 4:23 AM  

Your quilt turned out very nicely. It's very inspirational. Thanks for including a tutorial. I have lots of strips, so I may have to make one of these!

Alycia~Quiltygirl 11:00 AM  

Lovely Lovely! I have a pile of strips - what a great idea. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous,  2:30 PM  

I love your quilt and thank you so much for the tutorial! As a novice, this looks like something I could master!

Anonymous,  3:26 AM  

Thank you,Keryn! Now i have a quick idea for my red and green Christmas jelly roll!

Diane 5:02 PM  

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog. I look at it almost every day. Thank you for the tutorial, I liked it so much I made a couple of block and cut enough for a top. I mentioned and gave a link to you on my blog, I hope you don't mind.

cityquilter grace 11:48 PM  

stacked album, it's gorgeous! it's a favorite pattern of mine, i made a scrappy last year...thanks for showing!

Maggie 4:15 PM  
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