Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ship's Log; Sunday

The Captain has fallen victim to a mysterious illness and is unable to control the ship. Much cutting and piecing has taken place, all from the box of Cursed Strips, still with no end in sight.We rue the day the Captain stumbled across this container that seemed to bode no harm. The source of the current contagion has been traced to this blog;now chaos reigns on the Bridge.
The Ship's Doctor can do nothing to stem the sickness, and says it must run it's course over the next few days. What the outcome will be, no-one can tell.We are in good cheer, and trust that all will return to normal soon. In the meantime, we have set sail for the Boggy Garden, in the hopes that sunshine and fresh air will cure our Captain. It is our only hope.


pdudgeon 7:18 AM  

lol, there must be visions of hearts and peppermint stripes dancing in your head by now. this is going to be a beautiful top!

julieQ 7:33 AM  

Maybe the captain of the ship needs a little rum to smooth things over!! Hee! Not really, I love your blocks, and your inspiration quilt is equally lovely.

Lori in South Dakota 2:44 PM  

uh oh, I think the fickle finger of fate was pointed at me. But I will be terribly curious to see how your top turns out!

YankeeQuilter 1:20 PM  

If you are going to get lost at sea that is a great stack of blocks to sail with....

meggie 8:41 AM  

I do hope the Boggy Garden has the right curative powers!

hetty 2:50 PM  

Oh, darn! I think I am coming down with the same illness. I love your chaos! Great blocks! What am I to do? There are no boggy gardens around here right now! Everything is frozen solid and covered with a foot of snow!

Kim 8:47 AM  

Hi, I just stumbled onto your blog and saw that you have the exact same Jotul woodstove that I have. I see you're probably not needing it right now as you are "down under" but I am right now sitting next to mine, which is popping and crackling with a cozy fire in cold, cold Pennsylvania, USA.

Kim M

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