Monday, December 22, 2008

Life is busy at this time of year, and blogging is low down on the list of priorities right now. Sorry, but that's just the way it is. However, I seem to have the maelstrom of 'Things To Do' down to simple chaos now, so I should be OK. Basically my method of coping is cutting the list down each day to more realistic proportions, and finally ditching anything that is causing too much trouble. It works.

Last Friday was a hectic day. Life is so calm and ordered usually, and everything happened all at once. I took possession of my Freemasons Lodge, which was very exciting all on it's own. Then there was Christmas shopping, a huge delivery of boxes about which we will tell you in the New Year, lots of cleaning and furniture arranging because I have a nephew and partner staying at my place over Christmas, gardening to get my plants ready for the hot weather; and at evening the local Christmas Pageant, which was a hoot.

All the floats are homemade, and contructed in great secrecy weeks beforehand. Some show up year after year, like this strange offering (what is the lion for? I presume he has friendly intentions).The reindeer, with disturbing red eyes, go up and down as the wheels turn, which is highly comical at speed. The footie and netball teams won their Premierships this year, and got a rousing reception from fans and family.
The local emergency teams and police were out in force, with sirens and lights. The guy in the koala suit must have been so hot, as the sun was still strong.
And this guy is a Bilby, an small, native marsupial that patriotic people would like to see replace the Easter Bunny. Hmm, that nose is unfortunate though, doesn't say 'cuddly cute' to me.
And finally there was Santa and his elves, complete with reindeer. I think Donner and Blitzen are missing, but there isn't a longer trailer to be had, so Santa will have to make do with this lot.

We took chairs and sat on the pavement outside my bank building with friends, and called out to other friends in the parade. There was a barbecue that kept the whole town fed, lollies rained down from the floats to the delight of the kids and it was wonderful.

Afterwards we walked back to a friends house for coffee, and it was late when we set off home. The street was bright with Christmas lights, the sky studded with stars and music still playingin the main street. What a lot of excitement for one day.

And this last measly photo is the top I finished before all the rest of the stuff took place. It used up all the moroon strips in my red pile that weren't suitable for PA Dutch, plus a heap of greys that have sat untouched for 10 years. It is destined for my back verandah, which has grey walls, so it will fit in just fine.

And now I need to go and do my share of the cooking, ready for when Mereth's boys arrive. Our brother and family will probably be here for Boxing Day too, so it will be a family Christmas.


pdudgeon 7:17 PM  

what a treat to learn about Christmas at your place. love the parade floats and the cute costumns.
that 25/25 quilt turned out just great! binding in red? i like the touch of greys that you added. it really sets the quilt off--nice touch!

antique quilter 11:45 PM  

oh so nice to see a parade as I sit here with 8 or so inches of snow outside and about 20 degrees maybe outside.
I am thinking warm !!!!
Love the red and grey
the grey is so great with the dark reds..
ps congrats on taking possession of the building...that is going to be so awesome, did you say its walking distance from your home?

Lori in South Dakota 7:20 PM  

looking forward to learning about what's in the boxes and seeing new pictures of the "lodge". The 25 in 25 turned out great.

sewprimitive karen 5:56 AM  

Loved all your photos and am swooning over the gray and red 25-er quilt. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you!

Shasta Matova 1:25 PM  

It is amazing how much you get done Keryn. Have a Merry Christmas.

meggie 10:32 PM  

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas together.

Happy New Year to you all.

YankeeQuilter 9:54 AM  

Red and that combination! The parades look like a lot of fun. Happy New Year!

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