Saturday, December 06, 2008

Judy is having a Quiltathon weekend, and I'm joining in. I'm in a mad keen sewing mood anyway, so I might as well dignify it by calling it an official Quiltathon, and the last one for 2008.

I'm sewing these blocks first, made of leftovers from my pinwheel quilt. They are so pretty that it's slightly saccharine, but I figure there will be enough for a sweet, girly quilt and then I can go back to my muddy 1800s reproductions that I love so much. And if I don't 'do' pretty then why on earth do I have so many in my stash??

I'm going to get the borders on this quilt this weekend, and piece a backing out of those two fabrics. Then there is nothing else to do except load it on the machine and quilt away.

In the comments Stephanie remarked " I love pinwheels too-these look like spinning ones surrounded by clouds of fairy floss, like you'd find at a rural show." I thought this was amazing, as I've been calling it the Showgrounds quilt as I worked on it. The pinwheels reminded me of the ones we got at the Crystal Brook show each year, and the pretty flowery fabric was a reminder of the long grass and the wildflowers, and all the colours of the crowds and exhibits. So I think it's going to be called Country Show from now on.

And as an aside, this little salt shaker is a keepsake from the Crystal Brook show when I was about 7. I won him on one of those clown games, and I begged and begged for another go, so I could win the pepper one as well, but Mum wasn't sympathetic. I thought he was truly gorgeous, and it made me sad to think he would never be re-united with his mate. I was an odd child; I even felt sorry for the teacups in our china cabinet that didn't have matching saucers. I think I needed to get out a bit more......


Kelly 10:13 PM  

I really like that quilt too. I tend to be a huge sucker for pinwheels :0)

hetty 12:34 AM  

I love that pretty left-over quilt - not sacchrine at all! I hope I am not getting too Freudian for you, but it just occurred to me that you like everything in pairs or with a mate and you are a twin, right? So I don't think you have to get out more. You're fine just the way you are!

pdudgeon 1:06 AM  

love the 9 patch quilt!!!
that little salt shaker is so cute.

Barbara C 3:17 AM  

I love the way the rose fabric and the pinwheels look together. Now that's a great pairing.

Your little salt shaker is so cute, but yes, a little forlorn without his mate.

sewprimitive karen 9:54 AM  

He's so adorable; maybe you could find his mate on eBay.

Maggie A 10:19 AM  

Thanks for the inspiration. When I saw your 9 patch I remebered some blocks I made years ago. Hae been waiting for the "right" alternate fabric. when I saw yours I got my blocks out and just did it.

meggie 7:22 PM  

I remember those Country Shows in NZ. How we loved them, & treasured every trashy prize we won! We still have many & to our surprise they are worth more now than we ever thought possible.
I do like your Showgrounds Quilt!!

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