Sunday, December 07, 2008

I've hardly stopped sewing this weekend, it's been just wonderful. These are just some progress photos, to show you what I've been working on.There were two drawers of red, yellow and green 2 1/2"strips that I cut years ago for a Pennsylvania Dutch quilt. Mereth began sewing these blocks in April, and I finished up the last four yesterday, so now there are 31. ( I miscounted what we needed.) They will have their setting decided sometime later, right now I'm moving on to the next projects destined to use up all those strips

This is ultra simple, and will have a blue or green setting fabric to make them look suitably Pennsylvanis-Dutchish. They are so easy to sew they multiply like magic, so I won't stop making these until the containers are empty.

And they nearly are, after making 22 of these blocks, and 6 Christmas table runners.
Plus the 20 ninepatch blocks from my Pretties. I tell you, I'm out of control!! There are two other sets of blocks on the design wall too, but I won't show them just yet.

Mereth came round last night after tea, and I moved the TV into the sewing room and we sewed till 3.30am. It was a brilliant night, watching Seinfeld episodes and then Harry Potter movies. We weren't even tired when we decided to call it a night, and both pulled up just fine this morning. Maybe we're not too old to do this sort of thing after all.

I have to curtail my sewing efforts for a while, as it's Carols In The Park tonight, and Mereth and are going to wander up there with chairs and join in the singing. I've been listening to the sound checks all afternoon, and some of the performers are very good. It's making me feel all Christmassy at last.


pdudgeon 7:09 AM  

my goodness, you have been busy!
everything looks wonderful, enjoy your carols tonight.

Lesley 2:12 PM  

Most impressed with your's and Mereth's efforts, I only have music or quietness to quilt by and I forget to keep the fluids up..I get too engrossed in the stitching.

julieQ 3:07 AM  

How fun to have a whole night to just sew and enjoy!! You made such good progress with very pretty projects. Fun!

YankeeQuilter 3:31 AM  

Your Christmas-y mood shows in your stitching! Have a great time at the caroling.

meggie 7:23 PM  

These blocks all look very interesting!! What a productive time you had.

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