Friday, December 12, 2008

Borders are finished, and once again I was completely unaware how big this quilt was going to turn out. It didn't help that I had the bright idea of adding another row of blocks, or that we changed the sashing to 3" instead of two, and then added multiple borders. It grew to be 76 x 88, and that's not a small quilt. But on the bright side it will need a lot of fabric for the backing, and I will find something in the stash to use.

Alas, the drawer of strips was still disappointingly full. It's not as if I asked a genie for a drawer of red, green and gold strips that never ran out, but it seems I got it anyway. So there was more sewing of blocks, and grumbling because I'm a bit tired of these colours anyway, and before you know it, there was another top.I'm sure there's a Quidditch team out there with these colours.

This one is smaller, thank heavens, as I refused to cut new stuff, and I actually came to the last of the yellow. The sashing is blue strips that were found (with horror) in another drawer, and hardly made a dent in the pile. What will I do with the rest? I'm thinking of piecing a backing like Mereth's, I am so Over these things.

All this came about because Mereth and I have never completed a quilt with lots of yellow and red. We both love Pensylvania Dutch quilts, but have never been brave enough to make one. It was actually quite hard to work with only these colours, and I was beset with doubts about the outcome, and my sanity, but I love both tops now that they are done. I don't expect any of my patchwork friends to like what I've made, and I'm sure they won't understand why I put these combinations together, but it's a little link with the antique quilts I love.

I'd better reserve some time with Millhouse next week.


Vicki W 2:11 PM  

I love both of those tops! I can see how you would get tired of sewing them for a long time but the quilts are really pretty!

pdudgeon 2:37 PM  

i've never done those colors either but they are both beautiful!

congratulations to both of you for meeting your personal challenge, and comming out ahead of the game with some lovely quilts to show for it.

yea Quiddich!
Well done, Gryffindor!

Paula 4:33 PM  

Perfect reproductions of antique my opinion, anyway! I love them both!!!

Marianne 1:20 PM  

I have a solution, simply send the Quidditch Quilt to me in Florida and I will love her to *pieces*! Great job on all!!

Sherri 3:34 AM  

Lovely work! You are so stunning and accurate!

That's where I run into problems, is my accuracy and then things don't usually fit properly, I get discouraged and store it away in a bin never to be seen by humans again! I'm sure I could fill a time capsule with all my failures! lol And......I ALWAYS measure thrice and cut once, and I still run into problems.

Just wondering, what is the pattern called of the quilt top hanging on the chair at the far right edge of the bottom picture? Do you have a picture of it on it's own? From what I can see, it is awesome!

Anonymous,  5:39 AM  

Keryn - I've been a loyal follower of your blog for a couple of years now, and I always love your quilts. Traditional quilts always grab me, in almost any color combination, and this red/gold/yellow one has me wishing I had more gold and yellow in my stash to make it up! The blue sashes really stand out. Keep up the great work! I'd miss your quilts if you quit doing these!


Unknown 4:15 PM  

Your quilts are just beautiful- way to go to work outside your comfort zone. I've picked out some fabric that is outside my comfort zone- at least before I fell in love with the combination: turquoise, muddy orange, and brown.

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