Friday, December 05, 2008

I seem to have gone a little mad today, and my design wall is full of new blocks that I want to work on. I can't seem to choose which one to concentrate on first, so I am making them all, and getting in a fine old mess. Mereth sat and chatted to me, and cut pieces if I needed them, and wanted to know why on earth I was working on 5 things at once. Who knows, but I had a delightful day in my sewing room. Pictures tomorrow, it's too late to take photos tonight.

My pretties quilt is in one piece and just needing borders. I think it turned out well, and I'm planning some spectacular quilting for it once Millhouse is free of customer quilts. I bought the backing for it while I was in Perth, so I'm all ready to start quilting as soon as I do the borders. It will be so nice to finish one of my own quilts for a change.

I've made 6 Log Cabin quilts in my time, and it's a block I love. I always think I'd like to do it with smaller strips, and for a while I've been stockpiling 1 1/4" strips for just that purpose. When I did the 1" pinwheels for the pretties quilt I had heaps left over, and I though it would be cute to use them for the start of the log cabins. I like how it's turning out, so it's one of the projects up on the design wall. It makes my head spin using these as leader-enders, adding all the rounds on in between sewing other blocks. I am getting lost and putting things on the wrong side, or confusing light and dark rounds. I need to slow down and take more care of what I'm doing. But they are tremendous fun, and I have a whole drawer of strips that Mereth cut from my Judie Rothermels, and it will be fun to start using them.

These last photos are of a garden next to my brother's place in WA. I have no idea what these native flowers are, but it was a spectacular shrub. I took a lot of photos of it, the flowers were different at every stage of develoopment, and it was truly amazing.


Unknown 12:10 PM  

They are Proteas from the family Proteaceae where the also the Banksias and the now defunct Dryandra sp. are classified under.

Nicola in West Australia

chrisee 11:19 PM  

They are MY favourite and are called Leucospernum Pattersonii -hopefully my spelling is nearly correct

Henrietta 3:24 PM  

I don't think they are native to Australia, South Africa, but they sure love WA!

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