Sunday, December 22, 2013

Our heatwave was disgusting, got up to 46°C on one day, and that's too hot in anybody's language. 114° F.  I was locked in the a/c with the bird and the dog, and didn't come out till evening, but it wasn't very cool at night either.  Revolting weather, and the garden is struggling, with 9 weeks of summer left to endure.

You know it's hot when....... 

In spite of the heat I've managed to achieve things; the lounge room is clean, and the furniture rearranged to accomodate the Christmas tree.  I put it up and added the lights, never my favourite part.  Mereth came round the next day to help decorate it with baubles and a few choice ornaments.  It's not a large tree, so only a miniscule percentage of our many decorations went up, but it's pretty and we had fun doing it.  Wrapping presents is next on the list.

Now we have to get through the last two work days before Christmas. Being a postie at Christmas is no fun, in  the heat especially, the number of parcels is incredible.  Mondays are always bad anyway, but the Monday before Christmas is unbelievable. I'm writing this at 6am, just before I go to work,  enjoying the cool air and the birdsong, so serene and calm.  Today is going to be a lot of hard work, there will literally be a truckload of parcels, which will take hours to sort even before we start delivery;  but at least it's cool and overcast, and everyone is so happy to see us arrive with their eagerly awaited package.

Onward!  Full steam ahead to Christmas.......


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