Thursday, December 12, 2013

I've talked before about my tendency to become obsessive over projects.  I quite like being obsessive, because I get so much done when I'm like that.  I've spent weeks choosing fabrics and cutting up a small mountain of it, but I wouldn't call that obsessive, that was just focused; nothing I couldn't stop. I had it all under control.

 Except for that whole putting the fabric back in the drawer thingie.  I haven't mastered that yet.

Then, I had an idea for the 16-patches that have been sitting forlornly on a chair, waiting for me to sew them together any old how, just so I could call it done. 
I'd already decided on a simple on-point setting, but I couldn't bring myself to actually sew the bits together.  That always means that I'm not really happy with my decision, and I'm stalling while I wait for the right solution.  You'd think I'd recognise the signs by now.  And sure enough, along came the Idea.  And that idea took over all my spare sewing time.  I've been so busy the last two weeks, my sewing time is limited, and I had to make time for the Celtic Solstice clues as well.  But all I wanted to do was sew on these 16-patches.  I even gave up meals and coffee breaks!  That's dedication.

I thought a triple sashing would look great, with the sashes going under and over each other.  It's a rectangular quilt, which made it more difficult to come up with a plan.  Square quilts are much less trouble.  But EQ7 came to the rescue, and I was able to work out a layout that didn't involve too many partial seams.  The quilt is made in four corner sections, then one is joined with a partial seam to the centre four blocks. It was pretty straightforward from there on, except I did a colossal amount of unpicking; seems I can't take anything off the design wall without rotating one piece before I get to the machine.

It was so much fun to do, I had to concentrate very hard,  but it was just simple straight seams.  I would have saved myself a lot of unpicking if I'd slowed down and checked each piece before I sewed it, but that's obsession for you.  And I'm awfully good at unpicking, having done so much in my time.  There's lots of computer work to be going on with, but I'm glad I made time for this.  I have 2 more seams, and then the border, so hopefully I will be able to show the finished quilt in a day or two.

While I was madly sewing the blocks together, and unpicking it all and sewing it the right way, I made more 9-patch units for my Triple Irish Chain, 60 of them in fact. 
They were a wonderful leader-ender, and instead of grumbling because I had to sew some seams twice, I was happy because it meant I made more little blocks.  I'm halfway there on these, and they've just seemed to materialise out of the mess of pieces next to the machine.  Got to love leader-enders.

I haven't finished all the units for the Celtic Solstice, but I'm more than halfway, and I'll try and cut out all the pieces for Clue 1 & 2 before Clue No.3 goes live later tonight.  If the pieces are there, it's only a matter of time before they get sewn together.  So long as I don't have any more Great Ideas....


Dasha 10:16 PM  

Love the setting for the 16-patch Keryn. Great work & very effective. You have to go with the flow when inspiration hits because that is when you are most productive. There will be heaps of periods when nothing will seem to pop out at you, so just go along with the inspiration while it overtakes you.

Diane-crewe 12:23 AM  

wow! as always I am amazed at the amount you get done .. even with the UNsewing xx

Sue SA 1:30 PM  

Wow you have been busy! I love how Bonnies mystery is in brights and some repro's, wish I had the time to join in but school holidays pre Christmas I have less stitching time. Looking forward to finish of 16 patch, on point, looks good and I love love nine patches!

Sandy 7:19 AM  

hmmm.... triple Irish Chain out of scraps... I like that idea!

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