Saturday, December 14, 2013

I've gone a bit mad on the sewing these last couple of days, but I have a finished quilt top to show for it.

I'm very pleased with it, and I'm contemplating making another one, with a different set of blocks, because I had such fun putting this one together.  There are so many variations possible too, I've enjoyed playing with the possibilities in EQ7.
These blocks were so simple to make, I may just make another set of them as leader-enders.  You can never have too many sets of blocks, waiting for the right inspiration.

I managed to cut out and sew all the HSTs for the mystery, thanks to the Go Cutter. That machine is invaluable, I can be sewing in 15 minutes instead of cutting for twice that time.  I need some more cutting mats for it, I've worn two out already.
I should have these all sewn into the required pinwheels later today, and then I'm ready for the fourth clue; this is Fun!
What's the next UFO to go up on the design wall?
I think I've decided on the setting for these Framed Cross blocks from two years ago; they should go together quickly, and then I can agonise over a border for another week or two.  I hope it's quicker than that, but there is Christmas looming on the horizon.  Not long now....

Right now it's time to do some work in the garden before the heatwave that is forecast for this week; three days of temps over  37° so it won't be pleasant.  I need to repot a couple of things and renew the mulch on others.  Then I can stay inside and wait out the heat.  I don't know if I will sew though, I'd actually like to start my Christmas jigsaw soon. 


Dasha 9:24 PM  

Looove the end result for your 16-patches. They are terrific. I shared your previous blog with a friend, and will send this link off to her too in a minute. Well done. Also love your framed cross block.

Brenda 9:26 PM  

Love what you have done with the 16 patches

Anonymous,  9:46 PM  

Wonderful effect with the sashing!

Diane-crewe 12:51 AM  

well done .. I hope you remembered to eat and sleep in there ...sometimes!! be careful in that heat xx

dream quilt create 5:24 AM  

It's beautiful, go for making a second one :)

Karen 6:23 AM  

What an interesting setting for the blocks. The sashings look woven. Over and under. Creative!

Sue SA 1:03 PM  

The 16 patch quilt looks fantastic, just love the setting.

Tanya 1:05 AM  

I to have the go cutter but am a bit daunted about using it. I guess i should just bite the bullet and try it. Im doing Bonnie's mystery as well but i cut all my 1/2 sq with the easy angle ruler, certainly took me longer than half an hour lol. Love your 16 patch quilt :)

Sarah 11:05 AM  

LOVE the woven sashing on your quilt. I'll send you some of my cold (-10C & snow) if you send me some of your warm!

Vireya 3:12 PM  

Your pinwheels look great!

Christmas seems to be zooming towards us. I've got some sewing I have to do before then, but I've been spending all my sewing time on the mystery.

Lynn Dykstra 4:34 PM  

transforming look with this set for 16 patches--love it!!!

Karendianne 5:15 PM  

There's a lot of interest in this quilt. It's fantastic. Your Sashing and cornerstones...eye-catching. I enjoy your quilt making. It's always beautiful!!!!

Scrapatches 6:18 PM  

Nice layout for the 16 Patch! Pretty colors and fabrics in the Quiltville mystery ... :) Pat

pdudgeon 3:28 PM  

yep, i'm in love with the sashing on your 16 patches too! That's quite a striking quilt.

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