Sunday, December 01, 2013

The Singer 631 did a beautiful job sewing on the borders of these two quilts, she behaved perfectly.

I hate it when a sewing machine slightly gathers the bottom fabric onto the top fabric, it's very annoying when adding borders, or strip piecing.  But there was none of that, which I'm happy about.

I love this paisley, I bought metres of it for this quilt, but it's all used up now.
Pretty fabrics in these blocks, including apricot, but I like it in this quilt.
I've put light coloured borders on several quilts lately, the quilting will show up nicely on them.
So these two can be added to the collage of finished tops, and then go into the To Be Quilted pile.

This afternoon I will tackle the rest of the Tri-recs units for the mystery quilt, and maybe a general tidying of the sewing room.  I think there's more fabric out of the drawers than in them. 


julieQ 7:16 PM  

That peach is just right in your quilt! Love the airiness of that one...such pretty projects! How many do you have waiting to be quilted??

Dasha 12:00 AM  

Hello Keryn. The general theory is that a bobbin wound too tightly (i.e. too fast) will cause the puckering on the bottom layer of fabric as you sew. I must say that these days I wind the bobbin very slowly, and it seems to be working. If that doesn't work, then maybe you need to ask that techo to adjust the timing for you. Both quilts are lovely. Congrats.

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