Thursday, December 26, 2013

Now that Christmas is over for another year I might be able to return to the sewing room.  DD Seonaid was home for three days, which was wonderful, I love having her home.  She cleaned and organised my kitchen, and then we made a big mess making two lots of iced gingerbread men.  One batch was for nephew John, to go with the Ninja cookie cutters that were his present. Ninjabread Men will become a Christmas tradition I think.

 Seonaid did a great job of icing them. And her bath of Christmas Star cookies.
 Once the visiting was done we broke out a jigsaw and put together 75% of it before she had to go home. 
We had a system going, me sorting and her finding the right places for the pieces, we were pretty efficient by the end of the day.  It's lo-tech entertainment, but it keeps us happy.

This morning I got up early and sewed until I had these blocks put together.  I have no ideas for a border yet, but I'll come up with something.  If I stare at it long enough.
 My stack of nine-patches is growing;
 I have 80 now, and I might make up some of the Triple Irish Chain blocks, just to make sure that I like the overall look.  I'm using Bonnie Hunter's instructions,  which is a really easy way to do this particular pattern but I can't seem to find the page on her site anymore.  I will keep looking, and link it if I find it.

I'm ready and waiting for the next mystery clue, due out later tonight.  I'm glad Mereth and I are sharing the responsibility for this, I wouldn't be half so chipper if I'd had to make double this amount.


Diane-crewe 12:23 AM  

glad you had some company .. and fun xx

jude's page 2:00 PM  

don't know how you achieve so much sewing, will have to try harder for 2014, have lots I want to get done!

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