Monday, December 02, 2013

The cutting frenzy will have to stop soon, I need to put away all the fabric I've pulled out for the past few weeks.  I've had so much fun, and there are 5 kits waiting on the shelves, so I've achieved my goal of having things ready to sew in the hot weather.

I may have all the pieces for the basket quilt cut out, but I haven't been able to decide on a layout yet.  The quilt will be roughly 70" x 80", which will fit on a single bed or my double bed.  My problem is the direction the baskets should face.

  Should they all face in a single direction?
 Should they face the long side or the short side?
 Half one way, and half the other?

It's a knotty problem.  Old quilts with directional blocks often have half the blocks reversed, as they only thought about how it would look on a bed.  But nowadays we often hang quilts on walls, or enter them in exhibitions, and they look better with the blocks facing the short side, and all the same way.  On a single bed I'd have the short side at the head of the bed, on the double bed I'd have the long side at the head.  Which way will look best on both?

I'll have to think about it while I piece the blocks, and hopefully I'll have made a decision by the time I have to assemble the quilt.


Gypsy Quilter 5:13 PM  

Hmmm, well, you could make one of each and that would solve everything. But if I were to choose a favorite, it would be the first one.

Diane-crewe 3:19 AM  

what an opportunity to "play" with your blocks when thery are all mage up x

Diane-crewe 3:19 AM  

!! MADE up even!! lol x

Kucki68 6:31 AM  

With wanting the option of single or double, I would keep them all facing one way.

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