Friday, December 06, 2013

Mereth and I decided to each make half of the units for the small Celtic Solstice mystery, and I've done 50 of each of these Tri Recs units. (that picture is upside down, I wish blogger had a rotate button)

 Mereth can make the rest when she has the time, but she hasn't got a lot of spare time, what with the puppies and all.  They are at an age where they need lots of interaction, and feeding, and sorting out of play fights that turn nasty.  No matter how many toys they have, they still prefer chewing on each other.  Plus she's a bit poorly too, an ulcer flare-up the doctor thinks;  it's no fun to be ill in the leadup to Christmas, there's too many other things to deal with.  So I hope she gets better soon.

I usually get home around 10.30 on Friday night, after dinner with the brother and sister-in-law.  Bonnie's new clue goes live here at 11pm, so I wait up and see what we're in for next.  Chevrons!  I made a heap of these for Carolina Christmas, and hated all those flippy corners.  That was before I thought about using the Easy Angle ruler to cut the rhomboids, and before I had the Go Cutter to make accurate triangles.  

 These are smaller units than the ones I did before, so I made a couple of trial pieces to see if it was accurate.  I also experimented to see if it was easier to cut both corners off at once, or if it worked better just doing one at a time.
It was easy to cut both corners at the same time, and the units are accurate, so I can get busy now and cut out enough pieces for 50 or so chevrons.  Mereth and I decided to have Pennsylvania Dutch colours, green, blue, pink and cheddar plus shirtings.  I don't really like orange, I think the 70's scarred me for life, so Bonnie's choices just wouldn't work for us.  And it's fun doing something a bit different.  I'm not using exclusively reproduction fabrics though, this won't be a 1800s quilt pattern, so I can use any style print I like. 
I love this green and blue print with the red birds, so I'm using that as a touch of Christmas, and the pink is a modern print from around 10 years ago (it's all gone now!).  My stash now contains very few fabrics that aren't reproductions, so it's good to get these old fabrics out of the drawers and into quilts.

I've got office work to do this weekend, so I will only be able to sew in odd moments, but I hope to finish these before the next clue is released.  Friday seems to come around awfully quickly these days, but it's such fun to look forward to each new clue, and the weekend of course.

And there's this lot to get through too, but the nine-patches are working well as leader-enders, so that's what they'll be for now.  My sewing room is a shambles, but I'm enjoying myself.


Jan 12:51 PM  

Love how your mystery pieces are coming! I had thought of using PA colors myself, but think it will be just as nice to watch your progress!

Dasha 1:51 PM  

Hello Keryn. Re your photos. If you open the photo in one of the photo editing software programs you can flip it, then save it, before you upload it to blogger. I use Microsoft Office Picture Manager, which came with the PC I have, but you can use anything else that is one your computer. I did find that if you opened it in the picture viewer & flipped it before uploading to blogger, it didn't seem to work.
Nice colours for your mystery quilt. I never seem to have enough time to do one of those.

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