Saturday, January 03, 2015

2014 was the year of the UFO, I dealt with 22 projects on my list.  Two of them were repurposed, the other 20 were finished to the stage of becoming tops ready for quilting.  Most have their backings assigned, and are just waiting for me to have the time to quilt them.  It could take a while.  I'm really hoping that this year we get to quilt our own tops as well as customer quilts; it's been all customer, all the time just lately, and it would be nice to get a better balance in future

It's a motley collection, but some of these tops were decades old, and tastes have changed.  I sincerely hope that none of the projects I start this year are still unfinished in 2035!


Anonymous,  3:00 PM  

They are beautiful! I am always so inspired by your quilts.Hope you have time to quilt your own! Thanks for the lovely blog.

Chookyblue...... 4:27 PM  

that is a huge effort..........

Brenda 4:59 PM  

Must be nice to look back on what you have achieved hope you get the quilting time you are wishing for.

Diane-crewe 3:34 AM  

WOW! I knew it had been a fair old number ... but didn't realise just how many x well done ... onwards and upwards x

jude's page 4:17 PM  

Congratulations, that's an amazing number with your postal job as well, and your garden etc. Do hope you get some quilting time for you.

audrey 11:03 AM  

So fun to see your quilts! Beautiful work! Hope you really do get more of 'your' time this year.:)

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