Monday, January 19, 2015

Binding Blitz

I don't seem to have any trouble making tops, I happily churn them out one after the other.  Quilting them is difficult, mainly because of time constraints.  I could quilt several a week, if I had the time and the Statler was free.  I don't have that much free time though.  And then there's the binding.  I think I have about 9 quilts sitting around, just needing to be bound.  There's really no excuse for not doing that last step on a quilt, so this year I'm bound and determined to get them all totally finished.  Less than 1 a month, surely I can commit to that?  JulieK is hosting a Binding Blitz this year, so that should give me an incentive.

Last year I had visitors for Christmas, and floor space in my living room was really tight.  The Christmas tree had to go up, literally.

I covered the corner unit with a quilt, Stacked Album, and the tree went up on top of it.  It worked really well, looked very pretty at night with the lights lit, and we had more room to move around in.
Oh the shame!  This quilt has been waiting more than 6 years for a binding!  The binding is already made, so this will be the first one of 2015.  Two hours will see this completed.  I finished piecing this in December 2008, so it's very slack of me to have left it unfinished for so long.

The second binding will be this scrappy bar quilt, which I quilted during the early days of the Statler.
I think this yellow is so cheerful, and this will be my bed quilt for the next few months.  I need to go choose a binding from the yellow stash, and that makes me happy too.  Using up the stash and completing quilts, it's a great start to the year.


julieQ 12:00 AM  

Yahoo! I am binding away today...thanks for the shout out!!

Sandy 3:13 AM  

Call me crazy but I like stitching on the binding. Probably because at that point I can't wait to get the thing into the washer and dryer, shed all the dust and cat fur, and get that crinkly look I so love.

Sewing on sleeves and labels is another thing. I have several stacked up as we speak waiting for such. And I'm embarrassed to say I have many quilts that are several years old, still with no labels!

jude's page 6:38 AM  

I think you are amazing just how many quilts you finish, well done.

Sue SA 8:26 AM  

What a great idea, get some binding done, really finish those quilts and use some stash. Perhaps you could aim to quilt one of your own tops every 2 months...perhaps if you book it into the work schedule? Every eight weeks....consider it part of your superannuation! OK, perhaps the kids inheritance!!

O'Quilts 8:58 AM  

This is hilarious. Six years without a binding. You help me feel, Oh, so normal:)

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