Saturday, January 17, 2015

For a long time Mereth tried to make me watch NCIS, but it just didn't really appeal to me.  My DD is a huge fan too, and she shared her collection of DVDs with Mereth;  I caved and borrowed them just for something to watch.  I'm enjoying the first series, and it's helping to keep me sewing hour after hour.  There are about 9 series, plenty of episodes to look forward to. And yeah, what's with Gibb's hair?

I'm working on some madder stars I started more than 10 years ago, just simple sawtooth stars. 
  I do love these madder prints, they are one of my favourite colour groups.

When I began them I used the four at a time method of making Flying Geese, which was accurate if a bit laborious at the trimming stage.  This time around I have the Bloc Loc ruler ( scroll down the page to find the Flying Geese rulers) and it's a breeze to trim the completed units.  I may never complain about Flying Geese again.

I googled the four at a time method to find a tutorial to link to, and all of the ones I found said to add 1 1/4" to the finished size triangles to get the large geese square, and add 7/8" for the small sky squares.  Now this is the formula for regular piecing, and my flying geese nearly always turn out  a bit hinky, so this leaves no room for trimming them down to size.  So I add 1 1/2" for the geese, and 1" for the sky squares.  Then I've got a little more fabric to play with, and I don't have to concentrate so hard to make them perfect.  The Bloc Loc ruler makes short work of trimming the completed units to the perfect size.

I originally made the Flying Geese with dark and light backgrounds, but I didn't have a plan to use them together.  I had some vague idea about a medallion, but nothing was inspiring me so I just chose to put the dark background ones together with sashing and alternate setting blocks.
It was a good way to pad out the blocks, I only had 18 to start with and I didn't fancy making a whole heap more.  This is a decent size quilt, but only took 42 6" blocks; this is a great setting to stretch a few blocks into a quilt, and it's fun to use big squares of favourite fabric as well.  It's nearly in one piece and I'll have photos of that tomorrow.  Then I will have to choose borders, which is usually a lengthy process around here.


Char 9:46 AM  

That's a marine haircut.

Diane-crewe 7:52 PM  

LOVE the colours in the blocks x never got into it my self .. parents are BIG fans .. they seem to like his hair! lol x

Pat 12:06 AM  

Love your kind of colors.
Gibbs......he just gets better and better and so does his hair!!!

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