Thursday, January 08, 2015

All the time I was making my Jarred Take A Wife blocks I had a nagging feeling that I was missing some purple fabric.  I had more than this, I kept thinking, but I couldn't find it so I resorted to raiding Mereth's stash, and buying several FQs. 
When all the blocks were done  I was worrying about what I could use for borders with such meagre pickings from the stash.  I resigned myself to a shopping expedition, when I happened to notice a box on top of the highest stash drawers. 

This is what I found; all the purples that I put aside for the project, including enough for a border.  Really, I need my head examined.  Why would I put fabric I knew I needed in a plastic container above eye level.  Out of sight, out of mind. And none of these made it into the blocks, which is annoying because there are some nice prints in there.
I decided not to have yellow sashing, it's so light and fresh with the white in between the blocks.  So there will be no shopping trip today, and I'd better get the borders on the quilt without any more prevarication.

It's cool and raining today, so lovely after the 40° scorching heat of yesterday.  I stayed in the air-conditioned shed for most of the day, but had to spend the evening in the hall because there was work to do.  It was still 35° at 9.30pm, perfectly horrid.  Poor Dolly was so hot; I draped her in a wet teatowel, kept the fan on her and sprayed her with cold water to keep her damp.  It worked, but she didn't like it one bit.


Debra 1:54 PM  

It's nice to know I'm not the only one who does silly things with fabric. You certainly seem to get a lot more hot weather than we do in Melbourne. We have had a few hot days lately so I can relate to the problem of hot pets. I tried putting the fan on for my cats and dog, they all got up and left! Those purples will be lovely in the border of your quilt, it's looking great.

Bag End Gardener 7:15 PM  

Our (no longer with us) Bearded Collie used to get terribly hot in summer. I would freeze big 'ice cubes' in old yoghurt pots and he'd spend a happy hour licking and chewing at the ice. Would Dolly do something like that?

Love your Jarred blocks, definitely on my 'list' :}

jude's page 9:08 PM  

I am in awe of how much stitching you fit into life. Well done.

Gretchen Weaver 2:57 AM  

Love your Jared! It's on my list.

Temp today in northern Indiana (USA) is -8*F with wind chill of -30*F.

Karen 12:06 AM  

Just this week, I finally remembered what a box of fabric set aside in my sewing room was meant for. I need to label boxes somehow to help me remember. In your case, you knew what it was meant for but it was hiding from you.

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