Sunday, January 11, 2015

Second week of January, and I have a finish.  That's a good way to start off the year, I hope I can keep it up.

 I love these colours together, and I still have enough left for another quilt.  I just hope I don't go and buy a whole heap more purple, just because I've whittled the stash down nicely.
It's better to be quilting than sewing a dog bed.
Dolly scritches around in her bed so much she ripped apart the mattress that was in there.
I finally took pity on her and made her a new mattress, out of strong cotton, and hopefully it will take a lot longer for her to destroy.
'That's better!'


Brenda 9:51 PM  

Dolly looks happy and so all is good with the world.

Debra 12:09 AM  

Your quilt looks fabulous those colours look great together. A very good start to the year. Dolly looks very happy with her new bed, she has a lovely face.

Gypsy Quilter 4:42 AM  

Wow, great finish! Have you considered corduroy for the dog bed or perhaps denim?

Mad about Craft 5:10 AM  

It's a staffy thing, my Meg has been through more beds than I've had hot dinners!

The quilt is lovely! I am thinking I might make this one from my Grand Illusion quilt scraps.

Unknown 11:06 AM  

So enjoy your blog.
Love the colors you use in your wuilts!

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