Sunday, January 18, 2015

Second top finished for the year. 

The good thing about working on UFOs is that some of the work is done already.   I had nearly half the stars made, and pieces cut out for many more.  So it's not like I made this top in just a few days, there was a lot of prep work already done.
I'm still really pleased with the setting.  I adore the quirkiness of most madder prints, but that can make them hard to use in a lot of quilts.  They can take over centre stage without any encouragement.  That big paisley in the centre is beautiful, but everything else takes a back seat to it.  I saw a photo of an antique quilt once, where there were so many huge madder prints it was chaos; I tried to replicate that feeling, but with a more controlled edge to it.
I wanted to go with a dark border, but the quilt kept saying 'No!' to everything I tried.  Instead of a heavy, dark quilt it's going to be a cosy autumn one.  I'm glad I listen to the quilt when it has something to say.

I have a lot of large madder prints, and there is another set of madder stars to use;  I don't think I will combine them in the same way as this one, but there will be big alternate squares.  I just love the look of this.


Pam in KC 10:01 AM  

It is absolutely gorgeous!

Brenda 8:41 PM  


Karen in Breezy Point 2:30 AM  

Such a beautiful finish--congratulation!

Gretchen Weaver 4:53 AM  

Very pretty, the border is perfect.

Tazzie 12:50 PM  

Just gorgeous Kerryn, there is nothing you make that I don't love! xox

Linda C 5:59 PM  

Love your blocks! Love madders!! May have to make some, though finding those larger madders for the alternate block may be a challenge! Your stash certainly is inspiring!! Thanks for sharing the pictures!

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