Friday, January 02, 2015

It's a baking hot day today, and I'm not going outside unless I have to.  That means sewing time, so I've been watching the latest QuiltCam,

and putting together the Jarred Takes A Wife blocks that I cut out before Christmas.  I have 9 kitted, and 7 finished,
and it's only going to be 20 blocks, so I could have them all done today if I try.
I think I"m ready to be moving on to a new project, I just haven't decided what yet.  So today will also include a lot of looking through books and magazines to see if anything jumps out and demands to be my next new project.

Yesterday our family gathering was in Port Augusta at our second brother's house, and it was fun to have all four of us siblings together. Doug is 13 years older than Mereth and I, and Greg is 3 years older.

 We didn't spend a lot of time together as kids, Doug left home for his first job at 17, and when he was home he spent his time teasing us to tears.  In my memories of him he was always an adult, and pretty wild, so his tiny little sisters were kept well away from him.  He smoked, he drank, he played the drums, he was so Cool!

Greg was always there as we grew up, and his specialty was the sly dig, the surreptitious punch, always having the last word, and being unbeatable at card and board games.  There's no way I will ever play Monopoly with him, ever again! 
Luckily they've both mellowed, and we all get on really well together now.  We still have lots of older aunties and uncles in our family, but when we all get together it's clear that we are on the way to becoming the Elders, the ones who remember the Great-grandparents of our children.  This is the year I want to start recording our family history, so that it's not all lost.


Karen 6:29 AM  

Your Jared blocks have a fresh bright look. Did you finish them?

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